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Created : 04 November 2006
Edited : 23 November 2006

OK, I think it's right this time... (ARGH)

This is getting tedious...

Well, I thought I might as well tell you about a project that I've had going for a little while now: a 3D drawing program! But "Wait a sec," you might say. "I can do it easily in Blitz3D!" Well that's where the difference lies. This is written in Blitz2D!!! OK, I'll explain:

2 or 3 years ago, when I was even smaller than I am now, and still in junior school, I was bored, so I had an idea: why don't I make a program that draws 3D graphics using a 2D programming language? It'll test my maths and my programming skills! How hard can it be...

3 years later: How wrong could I be... I'm still staring over these formulae, moaning and groaning, as V3.0 of the program 'produces pretty patterns'. But this time, this time I think I've got the formulae right. I hope...

We'll see; I'm about to test it. I'll let you know how it all goes...


And the result: Just like all the other times: it failed!!!!! Grrrrr... Back to the drawing-board again. This is getting so repetitive...


Update: 07/11:
Well, I've been staring at my rubbishy diagrams and my eyes hurt. But I've found the fault!!! I was measuring an angle from the wrong side of a line!!! That was stupid... Anyway, I know the formula to fix it, and testing should happen at the weekend. And hopefully it will work. Emphasis on hopefully...


Update: 09/11:
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! How can this keep happening????? It failed again!!!!!!!!! argh argh argh argh argh I need to get this right...


Update: 23/11:
ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!! It failed again!!!!!! Argh!!!!! Why? Why? I don't know... I checked everything. There's nothing else. What is wrong with it.......?

*Returns to drawing board...*



Saturday, 04 November 2006, 03:21
Oh dear, and believe you me, this is not good
Saturday, 04 November 2006, 06:53
Well, I have been testing some old formulae against each other, and it would appear that I have some possible alternatives... but I'm busy at the moment so I might not be able to test it for some time...
Saturday, 04 November 2006, 14:32
You've been saying that for 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, 05 November 2006, 06:15
I know...

I just realised that those other replacements don't work - but I can't find the old fault! Stuff like x=ztan(a) always seem to cancel back to the original, so everything should be fine... It's screwing with my mind!

*Goes to play PS2 games... Realises that they are in 3D... Starts crying...*
Tuesday, 07 November 2006, 17:03
Did the update work?
Wednesday, 08 November 2006, 12:46
Haven't tested yet. Will do by weekend at latest.
Wednesday, 22 November 2006, 13:02
Ok, shroom_monk is about to test a new update. After he realised he was looking at the wrong formula to check for mistakes. Hopefully it should work as he found two mistakes out of the two formula(Oh dear, DeJaVo, all over again)
Thursday, 23 November 2006, 11:05
UGA!! Failed again!!!!!
Thursday, 23 November 2006, 11:56
I'm confused...

Why is there such a long time between you "solving" (or not!) problems, and the updates? Why does it need testing? Surely all you need to do is run the program and simply see yes or no, does it work?
Thursday, 23 November 2006, 12:49
Well, what usually happens is that I spend several weeks staring at these formulae, and trying to find a possible error. If I do, I try and find a way to solve it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of errors.
Friday, 24 November 2006, 12:39
Well Shroom_Monk, good luck with that. And by the way, learn trigonometry properly, it may help, after all, your maths isn't that good (Looks at the gold certificate he got, then at the silver one Shroom_Monk got).

Here's a useful link.


And an addition, the formlea on Wikipedia are WRONG.
Friday, 24 November 2006, 12:59
1. I can do trigonometry properly.
2. Wiki is not wrong, it's just in radians.
3. Stop bragging just cos you got a better award than me, and besides there was no trigonometry in that test.

I have a new set of formulae to test later on. Stop bringing up all quarrels as this is not the place.
Friday, 16 February 2007, 01:25
power mousey

maybe its time to stop using Newtonian physics
and start using Quantum quotients with your
mental magics in mind.

follow the Cheshire Cat
in the Wonder land of hyperbole
as you slip into the slipstream
of 3 dimensional gateways
by unlocking the portals using
the keys of Blitz3d.

Friday, 16 February 2007, 06:17
@ Mousey...
follow the Cheshire Cat

"CAT !"... But you are the Mousey, you might get eaten.
Friday, 16 February 2007, 08:30
power mousey
But ya see steve,

the Cheshire Cat smiles a lot
and can be everywhere and nowhere
at the same time.

plus...even a bigger problem with him is this:
again, he is everywhere in one shade or another.
And he has nive lives...but more than nine lives. true.
Disney...the all encompassing cult of the Mad Mickey, which mousey has escaped from, has templated some weird and even bad and evil cats after Cheshire.
its true... look at not only Alice in Wonderland cartoon with Cheshire Cat but also Cinderella, Cinderella II, and Cinderella III: Twist in Time.

Yes, Wednesday night the power mousey bought and watched Cinderella III. Tis true! I like fairy tale stories and from the cult of Mickey. But hey, great animation and beautiful backgrounds. And the story was quite good too.
What if the evil stepmother got hold of the fairy god- mothers wand and undid the happily ever after of Cinderella and her Prince. And placed one of her daughters into the role. Like Antasia. What might occur and what might happened?
Kudos to Disney.

But don't worry, steve and others.....I was eating tacos from the border of Taco Bell.


I loved and liked the story...including the animations.
Friday, 16 February 2007, 10:04
Mousey !... If you drink a gallon of RedBull you would be a "High Powered Mousey". That would show any mouse munching cat who's boss.
Friday, 16 February 2007, 11:06
power mousey
well hey steve, the high powered mousey
doesn't need the bull. When he can plug into the AMP.

ahhhhhhhh!!! and tastes better than the Red Bull.
makes mousey the matador bullfight better. And throw the
dee cape on the face and horns of he bull...while I plunge the sword in.

But, makes peace with the bull and offer him some
Mountain Dew... to calm him down. He was really bullish on the Red.