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Created : 18 December 2007
Edited : 18 December 2007


I've got this old box which had 64MB of RAM and happily ran Damn Small Linux. The other day I chucked in another 64MB that I rescued from an even older box, so it ain't bad.

It's quite a powerful server now, even if it's only a Pentium II (or III?) in there. This is just a home server for experimenting on, running PHP 4 (though PHP becomes discontinued at the end of this month!) and Apache 2. Not modern, by any means, but most websites are still with Apache - maybe for the cool factor.

I'm quite pleased with it and I hope to learn a lot from it. I've never really had the chance to go right to the root and edit php.ini, httpd.conf and see all the logs, etc. First thing I did was turn register_globals off

I tried to setup webmin for remote access. I can view the pages on my home network, but I can't edit them from there yet. I needed to install perl...

Well, a headache and two hours later...

"Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have reached an impossible situation" it tells me!

Oh package dependency hell! I haven't had to deal with that since Ubuntu 6.06!

Maybe I'll just get up and WALK to the machine to update it then! lol



Tuesday, 18 December 2007, 08:12
Yippie! I got basic SSH working, so I'm remotely editing it with vi. Hardly ideal, but not too bad.

Does anyone know how I'd set up FTP without installing one of those control panels?

|edit| Nevermind - I found a way! FileZilla can do FTP through SSH, which is very neat indeed! |edit|
Tuesday, 18 December 2007, 16:33
power mousey
yep!, its madness silly!

I guess you will have to get off your butt
and walk over to update your machine and server stuff.

I guess putting in an extra 64 megabytes took to
much not of your machine but you, yourself.
You need an upgrade too.
So, walk! inorder to upgrade.