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Feel Good : My Music
I've had about 5 requests for "All my music in one big zip", lately.
It's about time I did that, then..

The JayTracks Music Archive
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To download a particular track, head to the Music Archive, pick an Album, then pick a track. Once selected, there's a "Download HQ MP3" link on the bottom right of the screen.

To download a complete album, there's a Download link at the bottom of each Album's tracklisting.

Note : It can be a wee bit slow, but at least you don't have to download the whole lot of them!

Mod Archives

These downloads are available for anyone who just wants a bunch of my MOD music.
Note, since I switched to BlitzMax, with it's lack of Mod functionality, pretty much everything I've made has been MP3, instead, so there's not an awful lot of these.

Sheep Goes Left - As Mods (zip : 180Kb)

JayTracksMods : All The other, older Mods (zip : 3Mb)

Usage Rules

I'm a talentless hack, but if you think this is good music, A) you're deaf, B) you're crazy, and C) go ahead!!
These are all free to use.

Some of the tracks are remakes of classic videogame themes, (eg - Horizons Edge, or the entire "Memories Of" album) or contain copyrighted audio snippets (eg, Star Trek - Pain).. probably best not to use those!
Additionally, a lot of the tracks have little snippets of the Platdude melody. It's quite noticeable, and it's all over the place! If you try to use any of those, people might notice!!

If you use any of these in any of your projects, or your YouTube vids, or whatever the hell else you want to use 'em for, then at the very least put my name (Or my Music Alter-Ego, "AL O'DARE") somewhere.
Also, let me know about it, so I can tweet/blog about how someone's used my music!

If you use my music, don't let me know, and don't put my name anywhere, I WILL find out about it, and I WILL rant about it..
And you don't want to make me rant!!!

Latest Comments

Posted : Monday, 25 February 2013, 14:55

I was searching for the online player a few days ago because I wanted to listen to some of the music again. This is pretty darned convenient.

Homepage :
Posted : Saturday, 03 December 2016, 13:19

"All the mods" link broken

Homepage :
Posted : Saturday, 03 December 2016, 14:20

Wonder why that is..

Aah, of course.. I deleted the old JayTracks folder, made a new NewJayTracks folder, but never replaced the old one.

New Link

For future reference, if you head to my Music Archive, each AL Bum now contains a link, at the bottom of the Track Listings, to Download that entire album.
If you download the Mod Era album, you also get all the Mods included.

Homepage :
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