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Back to shroom_monk's Blog ( Created 08 February 2007 | Last Edited 08 February 2007)
Lots and lots of SNOW!!!
Lots of snow is falling.
Lots and lots and lots of snow has already fallen.
The BRMB Radio Station website has gone down due to over-visiting.
The school bus won't run.
And school is closed...

Pictures to come... if I can get out of this iceblock...


Here are some pictures from Fort Shroom:
Pic1 (546KB)
Pic2 (669KB)
Pic3 (571KB)


Shroom Monk's guide to the snow:
Making a Snow Mushroom
Like making a snow angel, just without moving your legs.

Building an igloo
You will need to pile lots and lots and lots and lots of snow up in a horseshoe shape, then add a roof.

Latest Comments

Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 02:57

Neither do I...

I prefer it that way.

Homepage :
Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 03:42

Jayenkai I have no snow..

!!!! WAAH !!!!

Just to rub it in:
MadProff and I have been building an igloo in his garden. I might post a picture of it...

Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 08:19
power mousey

shroom dude,

wowzie whoasie woo!

those are outstanding pictures you have taken. With a little touch up work and photo editing and especially on pic 2 and more clarity and more light on pic 3....perhaps??
Perhaps you can create or blow them up to poster size or zoom them down for pictures on greeting and Holiday cheer cards.
And hey, maybe make some money on the side??

and skypenguin,

your picture too. Its looking really good. Could be on the front cover of Newsweek or Time magazine. Caption reads something like this: 'Snowstorms cover England!'

shroom and skypenguin,

what digital camera do you have and use? I only have a few Aiptek pocket digital cameras. Nothing powerful nor big like an Olympus or equivalent.
Although, with my Aiptek it function as a webcam and a movie camera and take movies for a few minutes. But of low quality. I did a movie with 2 sheep. Well 2 little sheep figurines on top of my moms Dell destop baaaing and wooling around.
Also the camera has two modes. Low resolution mode of 640 by 200 and up to 120 pictures can be taken. High resolution mode of 800 by 600 and only up to 60 pics can be taken or shot.

all of you there, keep warm and enjoy your snow day. hey,
rent out and watch Snow Day if you like...

cold cheers,
power mousey

Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 11:15


Yipppeeee, go snow.

Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 11:18

Andrew came round to my house, we took the picture on his phone (at res 1280*768) and I resized it while uploading to image shack. We built a small house, but Andrew's phone ran out of battery so we didn't get a picture of that.

Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 11:21

There was snow in the other end of Swansea... But there was a clear, sunny circle around the school for a 5 mile radius.


Enjoy your days off, Shroom and co.

Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 14:51

no snow here! YEY!!! i dont like snow, makes driving a bitch!

Homepage :
Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 00:11

@power mousey:
The camera I've got is a ViviCam 5190 that I got for Christmas. It is OK, but it has no optical zoom!!! Only digital!

Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 07:04

For those who wondered i'm not dead, and i wasn't exactly snowed in, i was too busy making randomness out of the snow, it is snowing at the momento, and i didn't know Andrew got a new phone, his contract went blob a month ago, if you talk to him tell him to bring it to school so i can see it please skype, danke.

Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 07:44

No, andrew used his old phone with his old pay as you go sim card.

Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 08:34
power mousey


what can I say? wow.! This camera from Vivitar looks cool. And some of the photo examples sure beat the Aiptek pocket digital camera that I have. Plus, the only example photo in the pack is a picture of a squirrel racing about a house. Hey, its all nuts!!
But I have all this awesome photo editing and imaging software though.
I'll have to look into these digital cameras.

hey sky and pie,

mousey used to have a cell phone and a pay as you go sim card too. I only used it in emergencies. I got rid of it
cause I was lazy in maintaining it and the pay card too. That and a few other things too...
Whats next? Com badges like those used in Star Trek: the Next Generation.


what kind of randomness were you making in or with the snow. What kind of ordered disorder(or disorder order) were you doing in the brrrr!!! cold and snow?


Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 10:36

@Power Mousey
What software do you use, I've got Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. It does everything i need!

Also, funny you should say about the com badges, I'm planning on making some and shroom_monk will testify. Ive even got a basic idea for the circuit...

Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 12:28

Where I am at.. It has been snowing like that a lot. It seems like right at the snow melts it just snows again. Except they wont cancel school for us unless its icy.

Homepage :
Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 15:09
power mousey

aw shute!!
sorry stealth
I hope it turns icy.

some of the software that came with
and that I use for the Aiptek pocket digital camera:

Mega Camera Application software...which includes
Mega Camera Manager v1.5, Netmeeting, PhotoExplorer, Videolive Mail, PhotExpress, and Cool 360.
also a trial version of Adobe Photoshop
and Ulead Video Studio

yeah, hey, cool. The idea just hit me. My Seventh Sense
hit me with the thought and/or inspiration as I was posting the prevouis response or post.
The com badge is like a minature phone cell. You can adjust the phone cells and by the number of clicks as you hit the badge. Also voice activated by the first or last name or a username said out loud or in a whisper and then click the badge or device with your hand and it would dial or ring the appropriate number.
There would be another device you could link up or attach the com device to encode or decode people and other locations and addresses and their numbers. Place the info, address, and number in and associate with a name of some kind.
If you forget the name and/or number....say 'Info'
it will give you the first five. 'Repeat'... will repeat the five, 'Next'...the next five. 'Search: <name> or <number>' see if its in your com badge database.
The only thing I would not like is a tracking device. Okay this would be good if you got loast or something. But the potential to track you and hunt you down. And for the abuses...and knowing certain people and the global elite.
Yet, tracking or id device in there. But, GPS could track you anyway.

Still...this would be a good idea and a remarkable device. And mark my words...will probably be coming out sooner than you think.
So MadProff get on the ball...get hopping and get busy designing these circuits and devices. true.

power mousey

Posted : Sunday, 11 February 2007, 00:26

The snow has melted now.

Posted : Sunday, 11 February 2007, 03:14

Update: The only bit of snow remaining in my garden is what's left of the igloo.

Update 2: Our half term begins tommorow.

Posted : Sunday, 11 February 2007, 07:41

Hey Power Mousey, thanks for the encouragement.

I need to add a few more things to my ideas but the basic and original idea was simple FM transmitters/receivers in each badge, each operating on a slightly different frequency. There is also a computer which has transmitter and receiver coils for each device. Then, voice recognition is built into the computer to if you want to talk to someone wearing one, you say their name, and it will patch you through!. I've also thought about making a way of tracking them...

Finally, i thought id say, they have already been created. search for Vocera on Google, you'll find the company who makes them's website.

Posted : Sunday, 11 February 2007, 08:46


What were you implying? Only joking, you know the usual sterotype, made some like snow castle/sand castles out of snow, if ya know what i mean


Old sim, can you Pm me, i dont uderstand, ty in advance

Posted : Sunday, 11 February 2007, 09:03
power mousey


I was just joking. And also using artistic word ware or poetic purpose in of the asking. true.
also, asking what you were building in the snow. Bring your own order and out of chaos and randomness.

Your own Snowy Chaos Theory.

power mousey

Posted : Sunday, 11 February 2007, 09:55

@ Proff
Wouldn't your plan mean a pirate radio station?????? (Tut Tut Tut)

By sim, I mean sim card, you know that little thing that goes into your phone. A phone is useless without it.

Posted : Sunday, 11 February 2007, 14:55

No sky, i know what a sim card is, i just thought his contract was by-by so he could no longer use it, but obviously not



Posted : Monday, 12 February 2007, 03:30

I kinda regret not going home to Birmingham, I didn't realise it was going to get so much snow. I could have taken the dog out to the fields by Cannon Hill Park, they would have been beautiful.

Then again the university wasn't closed, and my window looks out down this long hill to Canterbury, with the Cathedral right in the centre. It was all covered in snow when I opened my curtains and just looked amazing. There are some nice pictures taken last year here. In the same week my Java lecturer also begun getting people to register at lectures. So wagging them would have been a bad idea.

Homepage :
Posted : Monday, 12 February 2007, 03:40
power mousey

wow!, DD

those are really nice and cool looking pictures.

thank you for providing a link
for us to see.

power mousey

Posted : Monday, 12 February 2007, 04:57

Yeah, those are nice pictures.

Posted : Monday, 12 February 2007, 06:15

Someday I will reveal to the world my pictures of an amzing snow wall, but it is my half term. I must hibernate and hide away from homework and IT GCSE shortcourses.

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