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Created : 08 January 2011
Edited : 09 January 2011


Unreleased songs!!1

One mad, mad, mad, mad fan took it upon himself to go through the audio from 'Some Kind of Monster' (documentary) and 'Jump in the Studio) (internet-based set of video clips) to recreate the 'Presidio Sessions' that were the result of around half a year of recording before James Hetfield went into rehab. When he came back (late 2001, early 2002-ish) they started recording what would eventually become 'St. Anger'.
Like it or not, almost all the stuff from 'The Presidio' (old military complex in San Francisco) was dumped.
This is the recreation of it.

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If you've ever listened to the 'St. Anger' album you can hear that the production values are more or less the same on these songs, yet they are stylistically quite different from what ended up being 'St. Anger'.
These songs also give a very interesting look into the creative processes of Metallica.



Saturday, 08 January 2011, 16:36
Oh Stank Anger, why couldn't the snare just be up...
Sunday, 09 January 2011, 05:11
.. Secondary to the note on the previous video that you posted.

1. Covers aren't worth it if they're near enough to the original that you might as well be listening to the original.
That's a waste of a "good" artist.
You might as well be listening to Karaoke Night, or one of those cheap-ass CDs that you get in the poundshop.

2. FFS, YouTube is for VIDEO..

Now, if these tracks were all redone as 1900s ragtime hits, that'd be fantastic!
Sunday, 09 January 2011, 08:05
These aren't covers.
These are unique songs that were never completely finished.
The songs on 'St. Anger' aren't different versions of these songs, they're completely different songs altogether.
Yet they share the same production values.
Sunday, 09 January 2011, 08:07
Oh yeah and the guy who posted this didn't actually cover these songs. These songs were used as the soundtrack for the documentary 'St. Anger'. And some of them were partially presented in their unfinished form to fans through a website while they were making their new album (before James went into rehab).