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View Topic : Scary shutdowns!
Overheating is possible, but my experience has been that machines are more likely to just appear frozen when that happens than to outright shut off.

It sounds to me like the PSU might be failing.

View Topic : AntiDroid
I've only recently touched the Android SDK, and I have to say, it feels like it was designed specifically to promote a lingering feeling of Weltschmerz.

View Topic : Ye Olde Grumpaloos
We mostly say ’accelerator’ around here. (Ohio)

View Topic : Konami - Vogue
There's actually a little jQuery plugin that does the non-hat portion of this:

View Topic : Roy's Survival?
In other news my continued survival continues to baffle nearly a dozen people

View Topic : Re/\/\3/\/\b3R
Randomly-generated usually, but occasionally if I'm lazy I'll use a passphrase if I misspell enough words and punctuate it badly enough. ("/Chut-chut with Some1 h0tt like an equalitarian; and Yam-Yngdorian/") I also get lazy if I know for a fact that the site does stupid, irresponsible things with my password, because at that point it barely even matters.

I'm currently looking to change banks. Mine allows for four-digit numeric passwords. (Yes. Not alphanumeric. Numeric.)

Now, you do also need to enter some personal security questions, and while my hunch is that those are probably stored in plaintext, I just want to note that as far as my bank is concerned, my dog's name is 8EswASpapatetR8WrAwEb+sTUd8Uq4Ru and I grew up on cH3qu2RuFRu%DarA8 Avenue.

View Topic : What's Your Name?
Christopher Alexander Wagner. Unfortunately, "er", as pronounced in American English, is one of my least favorite phonemes.

View Topic : The Science of Computing
Think of it on the bright side. At the average college over here it would probably have been:


View Topic : Win8 Lovin'
Windows 8 is indeed very fast. Metro apps are all but useless on a desktop PC, though, and like others I found the context-switching between the desktop and Start screen mildly irritating.

I have to admit that I installed Classic Shell and haven't looked at the Start screen since. Basically just gives you a faster version of Windows 7. (I only installed the start menu part, the rest of it seems kind of useless, honestly.)

Also have to admit that despite my desktop being massively more powerful I spend most of my time on a Mac from 2008...

View Topic : Your Top 10 Games
1. Tetris - I don't need to justify this.

2. Sam & Max Hit the Road - Steve Purcell would pretty much just have to say the word and I'd give him my firstborn. This game has had a profound and lasting impact on my idiolect. Grim Fandango would also be in this list were it not for the "family" restriction - it's another game that should not be missed.

3. Super Mario Brothers 3 - The greatest platformer ever made, bar none.

4. Fallout 3 - it was a really close call between this and Skyrim, but I'm giving Fallout 3 the advantage because I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic scenarios. Also, it doesn't report the amount of time I've been playing back to Steam correctly, so I have no idea how much time I've played that game, whereas with Skyrim, it's staring me in the face that I'll never, ever get those 120+ hours of my life back. I have a problem, okay

5. Pokemon Gold - I was exactly the right age for these games when they came out, and the older ones are still extremely satisfying games. I never caught them all.

6. Secret of Mana - One of the greatest RPGs from the SNES-era.

7. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - This was always my favorite Zelda for some reason.

8. Katamari Damacy - Not that We can remember very clearly, but We were in all Nature's embrace. We felt the beauty of all things, and felt love for all. That's how it was. Did you see? We smiled a genuine smile.

9. Street Fighter IV - I enjoy fighting games, although I'm not actually any good at them. This one was nice.

10. Mario Party 2 - I recall playing this with friends and having lots of fun, even though it's mostly an extremely prolonged coin flip. That having been said, I always have a hangover the next morning so I'm not sure how much credit I can give the game itself.

View Topic : Too Hot
You talkin' CPU temperatures there?

(7C here...)

View Topic : Raspberry Pi update.
I got mine back with one of the earlier batches and only now finally got around to using it. RetroPie is super-nice - the NES emulation is pretty much perfect, and the SNES only seems to hiccup with later-gen games.

Sorry to hear you've been having so much trouble with it - I had issues getting mine to start up at first (just the red power light, nothing else) when I first got it and it turned out the SD card hadn't been written correctly (dodgy SD card dongle thing.) Overwriting it with a new image made it work just fine. But if you've already gone through that many I doubt it's your issue...

View Topic : Who is Wario?
Japanese is if anything even punnier than English - there are a lot more homophones to facilitate this, and similar-looking characters can also be a sort of "visual pun" that doesn't really work in alphabetic writing systems.

The thing is that trying to translate a Japanese pun into English is usually difficult if not completely impossible to do... so a lot of the time they're just dropped. It's hard to translate a pun when it depends on "love" (koi) and "carp" (koi) being pronounced the same.

"warui" means "bad." Waruiji is also an anagram of ijiwaru - "a mean-spirited person." Also he's a stupid character.

I think the main difference between Wario and Mario is that Mario can't actually gather more than 100 coins - they all just disappear and his life is magically extended. So he basically gets to live forever, but must remain a pauper. Meanwhile, Wario is building castles more or less directly out of stolen coins, because he's got so many of them he doesn't need bricks.

View Topic : Git GUI push
I will note that GitHub for Windows actually does indicate when you're formatting your commit messages wrong - it just gives you such a minor visual cue that it's hard to notice unless you're looking for it. When a line of the commit message gets beyond the recommended length, the rest of the characters on that line turn gray instead of black.

Won't fully address the GUI / console disparity, but hopefully knowledge of that will at least make commit messages more palatable to command-line users.

View Topic : Jay's Crappy April
Disease is a really, really terrible hobby - you should go back to writing games instead...

Wishing you the best.

View Topic : Jay's crappy March
(Not good at emotion-talk, but...)

Your March has definitely sucked. I hope things go as well as possible, all things considered. Hospitals suck even when you're not actually all that sick, so when you're actually in condition to need one...

View Topic : Learning WebDev
I mostly agree with Jayenkai, but if you don't know HTML yet, I think you should get a decent handle on HTML / CSS before you delve into the others too far.

Although I disagree with Afr0's advice to not learn JavaScript, I do not necessarily disagree with his assessment of the language. That having been said, don't use JavaScript for evil, as many of your forebears have.

View Topic : Auto = Nought?
I do not ultimately condone its sentiment, but it seems relevant to the current scenario:

View Topic : X-- vs X>0
Well, that's not entirely an accurate conversion.

If x starts at 0,


will not execute, but


WILL execute once.

Convert.ToBoolean on ints isn't really "idiomatic" C#; I'd suggest just going with the following if there's no better looping construct:


View Topic : array Problem
That's because you're passing in a single element of the array with INS(R[0]) instead of the array, when what you need is just INS®. You also can't print the result of that, since it doesn't return anything.

View Topic : array Problem
Passing in the array works; the line doing it was just commented out in your example above and I did not change it back.

View Topic : array Problem
Blitz's array support is anemic. You can pass string arrays to methods, but the so called "blitzarrays" break if you specify the type anywhere but declaration. That is to say, the following will work:


No idea what you're doing, though...

View Topic : Blitz 3D math source
@JL235 - I am aware of how floating point math works -- it's not that 10 million is an odd choice but that "infinity" is expressly given a finite value. I'd probably have to call it something more like "MAX_SIGNIFICANT_VALUE" if I wanted to be able to read my own code without giggling.

View Topic : Blitz 3D math source
I have to admit that my favorite part of this code is the fact that infinity is defined as 10 million.

View Topic : Shoppy Shouty
My wife works retail, and she alerted me to the existence of this creature:

F- Yeah Retail Robin

It's kind of like Art Student Owl but with a different kind of ennui.

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