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Created : 31 August 2007
Edited : 12 September 2007
System : Windows
Language : Basic


Unuseful reminder...

Zip, No Installer

What is it?
This is a little reminder.

How it works?
You insert new engagements and when the computer turns on Reminder will notify you what you have to do, if there are no engagements for that day Reminder turns off.

What programming language did you use to code it?

-Installer! Omg I don't want to use an installer!
If you don't want to use the installer you should download this version of Reminder. After you downloaded it just create a shortcut of "Reminder hide.exe" to your startup folder. However I recommend you to use the installer!

-Be careful!
I am not english... so it's probably that you will find grammatical errors in the application :\ Please notify them to me... Also I am not a guru! Post about bugs, please! Use it at your own risk!

-To spammers and idiots!
Don't you like this application? Don't you like me? How is it supposed to be my problem? Leave this website and don't bother me or other SoCoder members with unuseful flood.

Note: You have to download .NET framework if you want to use Reminder! Or you will get an error message like power mousey's one!




Friday, 31 August 2007, 07:24
I get an unhandled exception error complaining about "Index was outside of array bounds".
Friday, 31 August 2007, 09:09
The link don't work. All it deos is direct me to a website.
Friday, 31 August 2007, 10:47
@steve: both links work for me :\ Which link doesn't work with you?
@Phoenix: When did you get it? When you turned on for the first time the app?
Friday, 31 August 2007, 11:03
power mousey

just right click the link and Save Target As.
the zipped file will download from pantanellar.altervista.org

hope that helps.
Friday, 31 August 2007, 13:33
This time it did download, but when I tried to un-zip it told me that the file does not contain any archives.
Friday, 31 August 2007, 15:09
power mousey
well steve,
I have some good news
and some bad news.

good news is that the zipped file downloaded and installed properly too.
bad news: application error. It did not initialize properly.
Saturday, 01 September 2007, 05:53
"application error. It did not initialize properly"
It seems there's an error somewhere... I think It is related with the different date format (day/month/year - month/day/year) I will work on it.

Edit: jah... the problem is the date format... i will fix it soon
Saturday, 01 September 2007, 07:51
power mousey

I hope to see it running and working.

power mousey
Sunday, 02 September 2007, 01:40
Ok, solved the problem with power mousey, he haven't installed .NET framework :\
Sunday, 02 September 2007, 18:52
I just downloaded it again and it downloads as a 32KB file. And it still throws the error message "No archives found".
Monday, 03 September 2007, 04:02
power mousey
hey, ingenium1

I sent you a PM about my downloading and installion headaches and bad experiences with this .NET framework.
again, I don't have the time nor do I want to keep on downloading over and over and installing and re-instaling this .Net framework.
Besides I have snail-AOL so its be a triple pain
to keep on trying to download and install this thing.

and thats the real jah!
power mousey
Monday, 03 September 2007, 22:46
Steve, download it and then rename it as a .html. Then you will see the truth (broken link).

Your image doesn't appear either. It does when I go directly to it, so I'm thinking AltaVista is blocking it from being linked to from other sites.

As a suggestion you could use Google Pages instead. They don't block links and offer about 1gb of space. They did have a limit on the size of a file but it should be more then you need.
Tuesday, 04 September 2007, 05:05
grrr... i hate altervista... i will use google pages :\
edit: ok, new link: iusinbello.googlepages.com/setup.exe
Wednesday, 05 September 2007, 05:37
Bingo !... It works.
Wednesday, 05 September 2007, 10:59
Bingo !... It works.

Yay! Finally
I hope, after all this wait, you will enjoy Reminder

Monday, 10 September 2007, 00:45
Your still using AltaVista for hosting the image. I'd use GooglePages for that too.
Thursday, 13 September 2007, 07:37
That's very generous of you Jay to host the image for him.
|edit| Yep, it was slowing down the front page! |edit|