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Showcase > Arcade ( Created 28 October 2007 | Last Edited 28 October 2007)

Arcade Slots - Created by Jayenkai (Rating 100%)

Slot machine with Arcade rules
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Arcade Slots
Having created a fun JNKPlat Slot machine, for W.W. 120, I decided to build on the idea, and created this version for the DS.
Plenty of classic Arcade games, all in a Slot Machine style.
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This first release features 6 classic arcade games.. Well, ok it has 5, since JNKPlat isn't really a classic arcade game. But.. You know.. It still has 6 games in it

More will probably appear, but right now my mind's blank!

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Posted : Sunday, 28 October 2007, 12:54

Vote : 5
I don't have the fun of unlocking all the games, cos I played it to death in the beta. Very fun.

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