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Loading problem

Posted : Saturday, 19 March 2011, 14:31 | Permalink

In this code I have a problem getting the jpg to load.


I'm stopping the program at that point and cannot get the variable to be other than zero (0).
the code and the images are in the same folder. I save the source code in the same folder and even tried compiling and making a exe and then running the program, thinking that it was a system 7 nuance.

Posted : Monday, 21 March 2011, 20:06 | Permalink | Mark Here

here are some questions
that may help you figure out the problem.

- does floor.jpg load with loadimage?

- can the floor.jpg file be opened directly via 'explorer'
without intervention of the file stream system
asking 'do you want to open file file?'

- are you sure it's really a jpg file
and not, say, a bmp file with a jpg extension?

- can floor.jpg be opened by some other programs?

- does blitz return '1'
when examining the file with FileType?

- does blitz return a non-zero value
when examining the file with FileSize?

- does blitz return 'True'
on opening the file with ReadFile?

more questions are available if you need them
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