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PlayMyCode: Tiled Procedural Caves/Maps

Posted : Monday, 07 May 2012, 02:09 | Permalink

A few months ago I was playing around with procedural cave generation and came across an idea by Noel Berry that used the concept of "miners" to create the map. I knocked up a prototype using PlayMyCode which produced the following:

Obviously, the above is pretty ugly and needs to be tiled to look more like a map. The usual approach is to use a shedload of nested if/else statements, but last night I came across this incredible idea:

so I applied it (very quickly I might add) to the above map generator and ended up with:

(Use the arrow keys to move the map around and hold down shift and press up or down to scale it)

The tiling code is ridiculously short and simple - amazing

The source code is available on PMC.
Homepage :
Posted : Monday, 07 May 2012, 11:57 | Permalink | Mark Here

We discussed something like this before -
Posted : Monday, 07 May 2012, 13:15 | Permalink | Mark Here

Thanks for the excellent link - provides greater detail to the other I posted
Homepage :
Posted : Tuesday, 08 May 2012, 09:21 | Permalink | Mark Here

awesome ive been thinking of starting a dungeon crawler/rpg but didnt know how to do a randomly generateing map so ill try this :3
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