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Socoder -> Off Topic -> A Very Lively Pixel

Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 07:34
New laptop has developed an iffy pixel that only shows up bright white on a white screen. FML.....
Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 07:34
Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 07:40
Emailed MSI about it.... in the meantine, running UDPixel for the next couple of hours.

Will likely just end up living with it. It isn't that big of a deal but for the money it cost... can't say I'm happy about it.
Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 10:08
Here in Holland you need to get extra ensurance(100Euro's) when ordering the laptop to get those fixed I believe. Some stores do let you return them without that though. Like Coolblue.nl

I have been lucky so far with my laptops.
Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 11:04
Can they not, like, open it up and check?
.. and if they do, you KNOW, they’re giving the broken ones to those who DIDN'T pay, and only the good ones to those who did.
That's a fucking scam, that is!!

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Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 11:18
Daughter has just revealed to me that the dog jumped on it this morning (it was on a table, near the window, with the lid closed and switched off).

So, no fault at all on the part of MSI it seems. Just my fucking psycho dog that I'm going to kick up the bastard arse before she's much older.
Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 11:52
That wouldn’t cause a single pixel issue, though, would it?
Not unless it's a teensy tiny pixel sized dog!!?

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Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 12:01
It's hard to tell... there is definitely a white pixel but around it, it looks kinda fuzzy? Never had a bad pixel before so I've no benchmark, but it can't be coincidence that the dog jumped up at the window this morning, landing on my laptop on the way down, then I spot a screen problem that I haven't noticed before. Pretty confident this is down to the dog, so the warranty won't cover it, nor would I expect it to.

|edit| This is kinda what it looks like. It's near the edge of the screen, pretty small, and only noticeable when the screen is white or a bright colour.

Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 12:12
Just phone the manufacturer, tell them it just occured without warning, don't even mention the word dog or kids.

|update| -=-=- |update|
It's definitely worth a try, the worst they can do is tell you to f***-off.
Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 13:03
Dunno.... jury's out on that one. Will see what they say first but claiming under warranty for sommat that's ultimately my own fault.... 's not really my style.

In the meantime I'm picking up a laptop case tomorrow. A big fuck-off aluminium one. Only £25 snots in Maplins.


This could have been a LOT worse. And I'm not taking the risk.
Posted : Saturday, 03 February 2018, 13:17
The dog of my parent was chasing the cat and jumped on my first MSI laptop when it was opened(it was on a coffee table in the guest room) Broke of 2 keys. I kept using it for 3 more years but with a external keyboard. The dog also once chewed through the ipad charging cable. Cost me 25 euro to replace it. I ordered a higher (real) bureau for my parents a so the dog can not get on it anymore.

@jayenkai I do feel it like being a scam. But I read that the production of screens have improved a lot over the years so there is a much lower chance to getting a broken screen. I have bought around 10+ laptops over the years and never had a issue with pixels.
Posted : Sunday, 04 February 2018, 07:25
Case = got.

Had to cut the foam horizontally to make room for the laptop as it's just one thick piece, but it goes in nicely with 10mm of foam all around the edge. Power supply won't go in without me modifying the foam further, but the laptop itself is the main worry.