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Created : 05 July 2018

#373 - News May

Weekly Newsletter

; News May

#373 - Friday 06th July, 2018

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Every Friday, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. It's too god damned hot in here..


; Hello Melted World

It's too damned hot in the UK. It's not rained, at all, in Bolton for about 2 whole weeks, now, which is so frickin' rare, it's insane!!
As such, at home we've been struggling to come up with meal ideas.
There's only so many days you can eat a nice cool salad without going completely frickin' bonkers.

My tastebuds aren't good with leaves. I prefer meaty goodness, (I'd be a shit vegetarian!) but everything in our local Tesco ends up being just another hot dinner.
We can't cope!!

Tonight, Mum's planned to attempt a Stir Fry of sorts. She isn't a fan of Stir Fry's, mostly due to her dislike of noodles (she's definitely not a coder!) so we're going to be basically frying some random stuff, and dumping it onto rice.
Sounds kinda meal-like, I guess.

We attempted a rice and bacon thing, a while back, and that wasn't too bad, but the recipe we followed on BBC Good Food definitely left a lot to be desired. The rice itself was hard and half-uncooked. Really wasn't a good recipe!
This time, she'll be making things up as she goes, and hopefully it'll turn out a bit better.

What could possibly go wrong?!

.. God help us!!



; Seamless Grow Tiles

Pakz creates a seamless tile generator in Monkey2.
It makes little 3x3-block patterns within the tile, helping to create a more seamless pattern style.

; Redshirt Fodder

TheRevillsGames releases a lovely little mouse-based Cannon Fodder styled, Star Trek (and/or other none-specific space travelling adventure TV show) game, where you need to blast away all the aliens on the planet, and make your escape.

; Advanced Extraction

Spinal's gradually getting his Video Converter working, but is hitting a couple of roadblocks along the way.
First is a simple Blitz memory issue, but the other appears to be Blitz itself struggling somehow.
He seems to have decided it's OK, but.. Never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes on a problem, right?


; Big Android

Looks like the current series of Big Brother US has a robot in it..
Or rather, one of the housemates has to exist as a robot, or something.

; N64 Mini?

The internet seems adamant that this is absolutely definitely going to happen!!
... Is it?!


; RoboVentura

Guess who's lined up to play Robotnik in the live action Sonic movie!?

; Escape from the City

Jm2bits is Of2Germany, to escape the evil clutches of the Brexit Monster.
RAWR!! Stomp Stomp!!!


; Something Changed

Are pieces of the site broken on certain Android devices?
I've been trying my best to replicate Pakz's problem with my handful of Android test devices (fucking shittons of the damned things!!) but nothing I use seems to be doing the same thing.
If you have an Android thingumybob, see if you can see it, too.

Bonus Link



; Slow Down

Pace yourself, with AI..

View on YouTube

; Bread?


; Get a Haircut


; Is he....?


; Magic


; Travelling to England

Poor American!
Part Two, after Youtube complains!

; Smalltown Mashup



; Passwords

Who created them?

View on YouTube

; The Future is The Past

ExplainingComputers looks back over a decade of content.

; Disney Tricks

Ways that Disney hide things, and other immersion tricks used around the parks.


; The A1500

View on YouTube

; Marching Band

The beat goes on

; MegaMix

The beat goes on

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




...but then..


TVCover Corner

View on YouTube





And this one takes a while to kick in, but it’s well worth the wait!




VGRemix Corner

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