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Created : 31 January 2019

#401 - Sultans of News

Weekly Newsletter

; Sultans of News

#401 - Friday 01st February, 2019

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Every Friday, Whoops!


; Hello World

A little late, this week.
This morning I awoke to an email asking me about RSS Feeds over at AGameAWeek, so I've spent an alarming amount of time, today, working on those.
It was relatively easy to get the core rss working, but then trying to get the site to pick good thumbnails for each post was much harder.
In the end I've opted to scan for any uploaded images for that post, or simply revert back to the logo.
Trying to sift through the blog posts to find random images seemed like too much of a chore.

Once done, I then spent most of the evening trying out the feed in various readers, and making tweaks to the feed as I do.
My favourite "display" is currently the one coming from inoreader.com, which uses the media, and has a nice "Dark Mode" theme.
Lookiiing goood!!

I'm now considering whether to create some kind of "Poetry -> Image" script, to generate little thumbnails for the "Poetry Corner" section of AGameAWeek.
At which point I went "Oh, shit, the newsletter!!" and hurredly closed 100 things, so I could focus on this instead.


; What We Did

The monthly look-back at the things we've managed to do over the past few weeks.
Plenty of ups and downs, especially downs.

; Dislike!

Meanwhile, Spinal's been recreating SpikeDislike for the Pokitto handheld doohickey.
He's nearly done, and is starting to post videos on Twitter.


; RIP - Dick Miller

"Who"? I thought, as I saw a tweet announcing the death of Dick Miller.
I didn't know the name, but I sure as hell knew the face, and I'm 99% sure that you will, too.


; Earplug Worthy

Trevor Horn releases an album of 80s cover versions, and it's...

; ++

Spinal struggles with the baffling methods of C++.

; Playing the BassoonTracker

A fantastic little browser-based MOD/XM Tracker that seems incredibly well built, and will even play audio on iOS Safari... .. Unlike my games.. Grrr!!


; Lego Games

View on YouTube


; SciFi Short Film


View on YouTube

; Behind The Scenes

Unboxed Unbox Place

; Bridge Upgrades

The many tweaks to the EnterpriseD bridge


; Boo Hiss

8 Bit Guy craps all over our beloved ZX80!!

View on YouTube

; Youtube Fale

How YouTube fucked the dog.

; New Voyages

After 24 minutes of explanation, a Star Trek episode begins, featuring Captain Sulu

It's good, except for the guy playing Scotty!

.. Seriously, that guy sucks!!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube





And the best cover is, of course..


TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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