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Created : 26 August 2021

#531 - Popnews

Weekly Newsletter


#531 - Thursday 26th August, 2021

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Chaque Jeudi, profitant d'un délicieux bol de pop-corn.


Hello World

So, about JSE.

Since February, I've been gradually building up my own BASIC-alike using Javascript.
This week, I've been working on a game that can hopefully run smoothly in the language, and .. other than a couple of oddities, it's more or less working as-typed, and I've barely had to rework bits of code for it to understand.
The syntax seems to be parsing well enough, and other than additional commands and a good overall speed-up, I think it's pretty much ready for the next step.

But what IS the next step?
I'd love to resurrect Wednesday Workshop, focusing on JSE.
I know what you're all thinking "Ooh, he's only doing that because it's HIS language. He's not done that for anything else.. ME ME ME!!!"
And yeah, I saw you all thinking that.

Thing is, it's been really hard to find a language that we can all happily use.
Between mobile devices, different OSes, and how most people have a simple lack of time to learn new languages and setups, it's been a missing link in the world of SoCoder for quite a while.

Blitz is twenty years old, and it "works".
BMax is in a similar state, doesn't really work properly on MacOS any more, and Linux can be glitchy depending on which distrib you have installed.
Basically, if you're not using Windows, you're pretty much stuffed.

And so JSE was born. The ability to just code in a box and run it in your browser, then share the code, and have someone else run it in their browser. That's what I aimed for.

As I put the final big-bugs to bed, I'd love for you to try out the language, and let me know if anything "doesn't work" for you.

Code how you would expect to code, and if anything doesn't work, at all, let me know what that is.
Don't be afraid of suggesting anything at all. Go crazy.
If something's broke, whether that be "not how i expect it" broken, or "really stuffed that one up, Jay" broken, let me know.

If I can get everything up to a good enough standard, then we'll be ready to start up some kind of workshop, or maybe even a competition or two..?

Do please give it a go, and send as much feedback as you can so I can get ready for stage two.

Thank you, all!


Searching a Twitter Archive

Jay downloads his Twitter Archive, but it astounded to find he can't just grab data, willy-nilly, since the whole thing is a great big giant javascript file, rather than the database file he was hoping for.
Jay does what Jay always does, and writes a script to scan the thing, instead.

Technology Woes

Rychan's having a tough time with tech, at the minute.
What on earth could be causing his crashes?


Covid's mostly under control, and everything's fine.
But don't eat the crisps!!


Brewing Up

Paz's coffee machine blows its cap.
Can Pakz cope without caffeine for a day or two?
What's your favourite brand?

Gaming Gets Old

The original "Arcade" game, Computer Space, is now 50 years old.
A staggering number, putting videogames firmly into the "It might be an antique, depending on what your antique threshold is" territory.
It'll still be another decade, though, before we get to see Miner Willy cropping up on Antiques Roadshow.


All Seeing Mouse

Spinal remembers a time when Optical Mouses needed special mousemats.
The topic drifts through plenty of topics, before settling on how bloomin' daft the cursor keys on a C64 were.
I remember the first time I learned of those. A friend was showing me the Short Circuit game, and told me how to play with the keyboard...

Mario's Millions

The next chapter in the NES Auction saga.
Sure does look like a scam to me!



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Sesame Street Singalong

Can you count to nine?

Wavey Arm Lady

Haven't linked to a wavey arm lady video for a while..


Still going strong


Modern Technology

A telephone that you can walk around with.
No, not a Walkie Talkie.
A telephone. That can, like, make phone calls and stuff.

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Olden Technology

XP? Is that like when you battle the evil Billy Gates Gruff, and boost your abilities.


Gotta Catch All the Spin'offs

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A Manic Port


XXs Cover Corner

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Dancing time


And once more.. with lyrics!


TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 26 August 2021, 08:13
dank pods mobile phone in the thumbnail reminds me of a thicker version of my binatone brick