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Created : 09 July 2020

#475 - Stairway to News

Weekly Newsletter

; Stairway to News

#475 - Thursday 09th July, 2020

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Every Thursday, Staying Cheery


; Hello World

Having a weird week. I think I might've actually been kinda slightly depressed in my own little way.
Although the creative juices have been flowing, I've been somewhat put off actually bothering to post much of anything.
My Asset Maker is coming along nicely, and has some rather impressive features. But I can't seem to find the energy to finish it off.
This week's Browsercade game became a two-week project, after all the time was spent adding features to the Asset Maker, meaning it's kinda starting to drag into that "More than A Week" territory that I dislike.
And daily pixelarts seem to be giving off a lacklustre vibe.

But after posting about it on Tuesday, the AGameAWeek regulars all chipped in, and helped me get over my little hump with friendly thoughts, and helpful truths about my whole AGameAWeek endeavour.

I'm not sure why I got as down as I did, this week. It's not really like me..
But it's great to know that people are around me, even when it's a rather simple low-point.

I hope you're all well.
If I'm struggling, and I'm an insanely overly cheery person, then a lot of others will be struggling, worse.
I hope that, if you aren't coping, you have the support of friends/family/random website visitors from around the world, to help you on your road to recovery.
Stay safe.



; PsychicParrot

An old friend stops by the site, and says hi.
Send happy thoughts!


; Lurdane

Meaning a lazy, stupid person. What a lovely word for the server to pluck out.
Can you think of a game to make with that concept?
Perhaps you have a tragic tale to tell of a lazy, stupid person.
Maybe create a piece of music out of the word.
Do your best/worst, and post it in the forum.


; Lock your Doors

Seriously, it's not good out there.
Most of America has been obliteratted by the Trump, and now Kanye West wants to give it a go.
Sure, that'll work. Why not.


; Depressing Picard

Challenge. Can you guess how many episodes of "Star Trek Picard" Rockford bothered to watch before giving up on the show?
Make a guess, then click to find out.

; Closed Mall

I swear, if this isn't just a publicity stunt for the new Bill and Ted movie, where B&T fail to do anything so substantial that even their local Mall ends up closing, then it bloody well should be.
The plot, timing, and everything, is just so perfect!!


; Swimming

Animal Crossing : New Horizons has added the fantastic Swimming element that was in New Leaf.
I have to say, that's one of the most relaxing things I've done in gaming, for a long long time.
Shut out the world, and do a few laps of your island.

; OUYA Ups and Downs

That OUYAForum went down for half a day, earlier this week.
Then it came back.
And thus a thread was born.


; Musical Doctor

View on YouTube

; Musical Polka


; Musical Interlude (on the 45)


; Musical Rollercoaster


; Musical Memories


; Musical Bees



; The Zoo

Mike and Grace head back to their favourite place.

View on YouTube

; The Beach House

By Richard Naylor


; Thrifting

View on YouTube

; Jonny Builds

A door

; Adam Builds

A microphone

; The Dream Park



; An Ordinary Video

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; An Unusual Making Of


70s TV Cover Mashup Corner

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70s Videogame Cover Mashup Corner

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Movie Videogame Music

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