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Created : 06 August 2020

#479 - News Obsession

Weekly Newsletter

; News Obsession

#479 - Thursday 06th August, 2020

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Every Thursday, Listening to "old" music from 2002


; Hello World

How is it Thursday, already?!
I've not done an ALChoon, yet. I need to do that. I've not felt very musical, this week, though.
I did at least attempt a tune for the "GS2020" challenge, which is doing the rounds on Twitter.
The Japanese-run challenge asks for "A song in 5 minutes", but every translator I can find is incorrectly making it out as if that means "made in 5 minutes".
I know it's not ... But .. Well, if that's not a challenge, I don't know what is.



; New BBCode Buttons

The new BBCode functionality is now available, and everything but a huge selection of Emoji have been enabled on the site.
The reason there's no huge selection of Emoji!?! Jay still hasn't drawn a thumbs up icon.... Lazy git.
A loveheart and a few generic oldskool computers, but that's roughly all there is to see, right now.
Come on, Jay, pull your artistic finger out. ... And/or thumb.

; How's Things?

The How's Things thread takes an odd turn as Rychan has a fairly bad week.
Wish him well, and send plenty of hugs.


; Backdate

Nobody cares about this feature, Jay..
Let it die...
Just, let it die..


; RIP : Mr Mouse

Bill English, the creator of the Mouse, passed away this week.
A tasteless joke would refer to the shape of his coffin, and how many buttons it'll have, but I'll behave myself and not do that.

; But Also..

RIP : Wilford Brimley - Cocoon, The Thing, etc.
RIP : Tony Morris - The guy off the Granada news
RIP : Rupert Young - Twin Brother of Will Young


; Intellivision Amico

Desperate for a slice of the gaming pie, Intellivision hit back with a family friendly game playing console.
But it won't launch until at least April 2021, and by that time both the PS5 and Xboxoboxoxoxobobobox x xXxXx xx xXX will have launched.
Will there be a marketplace for yet another console?
Or will it suffer the same fate as the OUYA?

; No Man's Sanity

Jay is getting sucked into No Man's Sky in ways that are worryingly like his days stuck in the world of Frontier:Elite II.
It's actually quite scary how obsessed he's getting.
"I got a freighter today, and I want to play the game, but I've a SmileBASIC game to write, and a newsletter, too, and I just wanna play!!!!! Let Me Play!!!!"
I've had to take the controller away from him.
It's for his own sanity.
.. That, and it needed charged.


; MP3 to Midi

Pakz has found a music converter that can guesstimate the approximation of the musical notes of an MP3.
It works roughly as well as the free converter I had in Windows, roughly 20 years ago.
It was a terrible conversion process, then, and it's just as awful now.
Don't use this, expecting miracles, or indeed anything you could possibly listen to.
But.. if you need estimations for notes, and can view the midi file in a Piano-Roll/Notation view, then this might help guide you on your way to reconstructing the original musical piece.
Chords, in particular, can be plucked out from the chaos within.


; BAFTA Song

Tim Minchin's song for the BAFTAs.

View on YouTube

; Announcement

Important information

; Musical Interlude

With an Octopus

; Remastered from the Past


; Obsession


; Paper Yahtzee

What does Yahtzee make of the new Paper Mario?


; Kodak's Final Flurry

View on YouTube

; Mystery Ports



; Its'a Jangbricks

Jangbricks takes a look at the Mario LEGO set

View on YouTube

; The American Dream


; Rob Brydon vs Will Ferrell

A curious conversation

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

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