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Created : 05 May 2021

#515 - Hello?

Weekly Newsletter


#515 - Thursday 06th May, 2021

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Every Thursday, Panicking over a lack of content


Hello World

Been working like crazy to get more "features" into the JSE syntax.
There are a bunch of generic string functions, some more maths, a couple of audio things for basic sfx and music, and even a handy Starfield function.
Variables, too, are now working. But not arrays.
I tackled Arrays yesterday, and it didn't go well, leading to all manner of new quirks in the syntax.
Big Ctrl+Z moment, there..

Of course, I still haven't got BODMAS working right, but once I do, everything should be golden.
If you can handle coding with a fuckton of usually unnecessary brackets, that seems to work ok for now...!

Meanwhile, there's now a fully functioning form of Pong available to play, to illustrate that it's not completely useless!

Feel free to have a play with the engine, and let me know if you've made anything cool that I can pop into the upcoming "examples" page.



Beeing Happy

Not even a dose of food poisoning will keep Rychan from his new project, tackling flowers and wasps with ease.
As with all coding projects, there's a couple of oddities along the way, but hopefully it won't be too hard of a fix, and Rychan can carry on at full speed.

Guitar Moves

Spinal continues to enhance his "rip" of Bill strumming his guitar* in a most excellent way.
It's looking fairly complete at this point, with a complete circle of his arm swinging around, and all frames colour corrected wonderfully well.
I wonder how much better it could look, now, if pushed through one of those AI enhancer tool thingies..?


How's things?
Hope you're doing ok.
Mum's been enjoying the "end" of lockdown, and has been on numerous bus trips over the past week or so.
Heading into stores re-opened and enjoying her new Vaccine-Enhanced freedom.

Worryingly, stats are currently sky-high in the Bolton area, making us (yet again) one of the highest spiking places in the country. Oh, goody.
Mum doesn't seem too worried, but her mask is now permanently attached to her face, when outdoors.
.. Or at least, she tells me it is.

Stay safe, everyone.
We're almost through this.
I think...
.. maybe..


Bill Gates Divorce

After 27 years, the Gates' marriage is ending.


Back To The Snack

Rockford gets back to his snack-box, and brings us a selection of wonderful crispy and chocolatey delights.
Biscuits, Crackers, Gummies and more.
Man, I really want some Pizza Crisps...



Andrew discovers an ominous sound on the planet.

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You Got Hacked..

Be safe. Prepare a zip link for your firewall.

A Political Video

Today is voting day, in the local mayoral elections.
Don't click this, if you don't like politics.

Waiting for Mike





About A Boat

Jake takes a look at the Queen Mary's past

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You've Been AirTagged

Travis sticks an AirTag on his friend's car, then follows him around like a crazy stalker.

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Washing the Truck

The Knight Rider Historians start washing down the Semi

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Incidentally, their second season of "Commentaries" started, this week.

80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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{ -------------------
{ Load, Next List!

(* May or may not contain traces of actual guitar.)