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Ordered Food

13th November 2023

First proper Fast Food night, in the .bungalow, tonight.
The pizza place is right around the corner, and we did our normal pizza-place order.
Chicken wings and garlic mushrooms for mum
Kebab, wedges and jalapeƱo poppers for me.
Nom nom.
The chi*snip*


Anbernic RG35XX

10th November 2023

It came the other day, and I have purposely NOT used it, because I wanted to put GarlicOS on it.
Well, I followed the directions, or so I thought. Installed GarlicOS as a two card setup, as the PlayStation files will likely take up one 512GB card by them*snip*

In Trance We Tru

Putting right a wrong.

6th November 2023

In 1984 I applied for a job as a games programmer at Elite Systems Ltd, publishers of games like Kokotoni Wilf and Blue Thunder. I have no idea how I blagged my way into landing that job, but I did. I had been given the task of developing a *snip*


Neighbour's Cats

10th August 2023

Such a pretty cat.
It'll take your hand off if you try to stroke it, and will yell at you for daring to look at it, but it's a lovely little cat.
Our neighbours moved away from our street, to the new estate 'round the back, a *snip*


House cleaning and sorting

3rd July 2023

I am getting the more advanced crosstrainer tomorrow. The delivery guy wil assemble it so I dont injury myself again.
I am looking at some book storage options online. I collected these books from one of my storage rooms.
Most of the book*snip*


Phone apps for health and development.

2nd July 2023

I got this phone app that can be used for tuning/freq finding/analysis/rating. Using it for vocal training since 2 days ago.
Totalenergy Tuner and metronome. (Linkage) (6 bucks)
A while ago apple added things like calorie counting and a whole range of he*snip*


Goto Bungalow

20th June 2023

April 2023
We decide to get rid of my brown bookcases. They don't suit the room. For the past year or so, I've been trying to decide what to replace the brown bookcases with. Should we just paint them, or shall I opt for something bigger and be*snip*


Assembly failure.

6th June 2023

I had ordered a cheapish new Crosstrainer. It arrived yesterday. I started assembling it. The reviews mentioned it was doable.
My IT centric life was no good for knowing tools and parts. I put the wrong side of a part into a screw head. I think that they*snip*


Character drawing progress - megaman

23rd March 2023

I started trying to see if I had progressed enough to be able to draw better characters.
I took some screenshots of a more modern Megaman, and started practicing.
I just did the one here in my iPad app Pixaki. This a 32x32 cell.
The sha*snip*


Round ellipse head process. (Pixel art)

28th February 2023

Doing a bit of art today.
I just noticed these (round) heads could be used in Spike Dislike :)
I looked at a screenshot of a Supercars 2 screenshot. Where there is a story I think it was.


Drawing week - pixelart practice

12th February 2023

I am getting a bit more familiar with the brush. Setting the sizes and creating patterns with it. The dithering and I think beveling is a bit more clearer.
Should I order that Apple pencil 2? I might maybe use it only a couple of dozen hour*snip*


Pixelart Drawing project update..

19th January 2023

The newsletter mentioned it was not that clear what the tool I am working on was going to be.
Well, I had the idea to use some of the things I learned about procedural generation and drawing to make my own tool that uses tho*snip*


Very busy coding.

14th January 2023

I added the first file for a new project a week ago. I have spent a lot of time coding. I even think I might have forgotten to vote on the polls one or more times. My main code crossed the c64 memory size. +64kb.
I do need to take breaks t*snip*


Another new project - pixel paint brushes

10th January 2023

After seeing a pixel art tutorial I had the idea to procedurally generate the things shown in the tutorial. A bit later I thought that I might better turn the procgen techniques into custom brushes.
Waiting for ai to mature and make all the art is taki*snip*


AGameAWeek Redesign

6th January 2023

Oh no...
So, off to Salford I went for a chat with the neurosurgeon. It's been 2 years since my last scan, and .. although he agreed that given how horrifically the last shunt went, I should probably get frequent scans, we also agreed that, under cu*snip*


Bad Day

30th December 2022

Good Aunt 1 regularly heads over to Ireland to visit Good Aunt 2. She does this maybe twice a year, and it's nice for Good Aunt 1 to get away. Good Aunt 1 has learning/mental issues since she was in an accident as a child. She's mentally stuck a*snip*


Voxel-engine progress

10th December 2022

Slowly I am adding and expanding with my mobile voxel project.
I added water yesterday. Stil needs testing and the actual swimming as the blocks are solid. I now know the 3d engines have trouble with transparancy.
I did a quick test with s*snip*


Pirates and Castles 2 Maps

10th August 2022

I did a couple of map generators with javascript.
I think I also figured out how that touch can be disabled on the ipad. I was trying to make a touch Doom clone and controls were not possibl*snip*


Javascript game programming.

13th July 2022

6 years ago I started trying to understand how to program games in javascript using the canvas. I did not get far then.
This time I got books. The internet has been filling up with information too.
My github repo has been growing the last couple of weeks*snip*


Nature Of Code (avarage heading) - books

26th May 2022

With working on a racing game. This book 'nature of code' keeps being a reference. My math skills are not good. I do understand a bit more every time I try to learn more about that.
I was trying to figure out a way to have cars on a race track be *snip*


Racing bot in jse

20th May 2022

I have been tinkering away at a racing game. This only to learn about how to go about creating such a thing.
I made a couple of versions and ended up looking at the 'nature of code' book. Here there are some tips and tricks that I also remember re*snip*


Ipad/iphone space mining project

12th May 2022

I though I'd show my 2d space mining game project that I have in my todo list on the ipad. It is being done with codea. Codea is a ipad and iphone programming suite using lua.
The game I originally started when Monkey2 was stil alive. I did a attemp*snip*


Robotised artist.

12th May 2022

From one day to the next. Visual art seems to be close to be mostly gotten automated. I noticed something called Dall E 2 got released into Beta testing. This system can create art and photo's at high quality in seconds.
By just giving *snip*


A Decade Later

7th March 2022

Been reminiscing, today.
Reading through old threads, blogs, facebookings and tweets..
Kind of a bit morbid, if I'm honest.
That Thread
Thanks to everyone who helped keep me from going batshit insane, while I was stuck with a shifty HTC Wildfire fo*snip*


iPad development

30th January 2022

After getting the lua game dev app ''codea'' and learning how to use it, I started using this for most of my new projects.
A while ago I made a sprite editor based on the ''shoot 'em up construction kit' one.

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