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Posted : Monday, 10 March 2014, 12:53
Drama in the village, today!!

On the very day that Tesco have FINALLY* started work on their new store, a car smashes into a shop on the very corner where the shopkeepers are worried that their shops will die because of the new nearby Tesco..
... Well, that sure ain't a Tesco that's smashed through your window!!


It's about sodding time they started work on the new Tesco store. I was still working when they were arguing about the whole bloody thing!!

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Posted : Monday, 10 March 2014, 17:08
"Please Mr Shopkeeper. I'd like to buy a car"
"Sorry sir, we don't sell cars"
"But you've got one in the window"

Posted : Monday, 10 March 2014, 18:13
Posted : Wednesday, 23 April 2014, 07:50
Current Little Lever Headlines!!

Tesco Frenzy!

Work on Tesco has begun, as can be seen here..

Granted, that's a crappy photo, but... Oooh, a Crane!! Yeay!!
The nice big new larger Tesco store should be opening (I've heard) some time around July. Hopefully they have many nice Noodles, so I don't have to keep ordering from Amazon every month!!


Inside the new-look KwikSave, there's now a Subway! It's got a nice counter, and 3 little tables, each with 4 seats.
It's like having a proper little Subway, except it's inside a mini-supermarket, which is the oddest thing you've ever seen..
People sitting eating subs, right next to the people queuing up for Cigs, Bleach and Toilet Rolls, whilst more people pay their Council Tax bills because there's no local council office anymore, and they all have to do it through PayPoint!!!
FFS, that one shop's the hub of the community!! At least they know they're safe once the new larger Tesco turns up.

No More .info

When I got out of hospital, I expected that LittleLever.info would be one of my haunts, since I'm sitting around with nothing much else going on.
Unfortunately, the forum was dead.
The whole "Tesco-Gate!" stuff caused a major falling out on the forum, and the entire community broke up as a result. By the time I'd had my stint in hospital, the community was all but gone.
I tried my best to get people chatting, but.. .. Nope.. Didn't happen.
The site owners had vanished, quite where, I don't know, and everything's been downhill since then.
It's a shame that the community's forum has been left to rot. It was a nice community when it first appeared.
Today, the domain finally expired.
It'll be a shame to see it go.
I hate to see communities disbanded for no good reason.
I oughta do something about that.

*scheme fingers*

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Posted : Wednesday, 23 April 2014, 12:02
We had some looney crash into the furniture shop at the slowest speed in reverse last month. Glad they didn't attempt to park in front of Refresh! They wrecked the shops windows then ran away, possibly out of embarrasment more than anything else. Crazy drivin peeps. In a mini. A mini of all things!

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

Refresh Games - Game Dev Blog
Posted : Tuesday, 29 April 2014, 06:15

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Posted : Friday, 23 May 2014, 04:03
Oh joy, now the council will be SO much better..


UKIP just got voted as our local council.

*hangs self*

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Posted : Friday, 23 May 2014, 07:00
Oh my god nooooo
Posted : Friday, 23 May 2014, 07:24
Posted : Thursday, 28 August 2014, 04:29
Only a couple of months, now, until the New Tesco opens in the village.
The roadworks are mostly done, and the building work's finished.

All that's left is to "Tesco-ize" the thing. Tesco staff have been "Given the keys", today, and are now in the process of making everything a bit more Tesco'y.
Apparently it's still going to be another couple of months before it opens, though, so there'll be plenty of time for the angry anti-tesco mobs to resurface and start complaining about "OMG! ALL TEH TRAFIKS!!!"

*sigh* Such anger!

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Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 10:42
....so, the Tesco opened, today.
I'd've taken a few pics, but .. .. Yeah.. Not gonna happen!!

We managed a short stroll of the new store. Just a couple of aisles. It's a fairly substantial store. A lot larger than I expected. A nice aisle with dvds, books and a few select small electricals. (Freeview boxes, speakers, kettles, toasters, that sort of thing.)
But we didn't get all the way around the store. .. Mostly because every time wr turned around, there was another person who knew rither me (as "James from the shop") or Mum (from Bingo!)
Lots of stopping, chatting, and discussions about Nan.

So.. Yeah, we kinda gave up. Not even halfway around the store, either! Just said "ok, that'll do" and came home again.

Nice to have a big shop within "stroll" distance.

Two thumbs up!

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Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 10:46
At least you got some fresh air and stretched your legs for a bit

If I'd have known you were going shopping I would have asked you to get me some doughnuts!
Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 11:30
Yikes.. Two miles.. I can't even DO two miles, anymore!!

Literally, right around the corner!!

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Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 11:45
You poor thing!! Time to move down the hill!!
Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 12:20
Anywhere I walk is all uphill on the way back. :c(

At least there's one thing you never have to worry about - flooding!
Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 13:31
After walking those distances you've -

a) deserved the food
b) forgotten what it was you went out for
c) lost your appetite.

Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 14:11
Lol!! You poor man!!
Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 15:10
LOL. Sorry!
Posted : Thursday, 30 October 2014, 17:01
What does Tesco Sell?
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