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Sun, 05 Apr 2015, 14:48


A long (LONG) time ago, (3.5 years ago!!) I uploaded the Sheep Goes Left soundtrack to Archive.org, and the tracks have remained available there ever since... Then I spent AGES working on my own music archive thing on my own site.
My own archive works fine, but a couple of weeks ago, I found myself wondering why I didn't just carry on using Archive.org .. I mean, why shouldn't I? It's free, after all!
So, this past couple of weeks, I've been re-rendering a couple of AL Bums as high-quality wave files, and uploading them to Archive.org
This thread will be used to keep track of things.


Way way way way way way way way back, when I first got my Amiga, and learned that DPaint had Animation features, I decided to make a silly little character.
Using the "Full screen animation" mode, I drew little 4-screens of the simplistic looking character, to create a sort of multi-page comic strip.
I named the character AL, and in his first strip, "AL BUYS A FISH", AL went to the market, and bought a fish.
From that day, AL's catchphrase was "I LIKE FISH!".

AL looks a bit like a dick. He also frequently acts like one, and if you ever stumble across him online, he'll probably find some way to irritate you! .. His insistence on using capital letters is one of the many reasons why you'll want to give him a good slap....

As I moved into the world of Octamed and music, I would generally make two sorts of music. One would be my ingame music, and the other just random stupid oddball bits of chaos. The ingame music was "by me", but the stupid oddball stuff was "BY AL"
It seemed to fit his "unique" character more than it did me, and over the years, AL's musical catalogue grew quite significantly.

Once I'd moved over to Fruityloops on PC, I'd grown comfortable with having AL be my chief musician, and barely any of the music I now create is done under my own name.
AL's completely taken over doing my music! Not that I mind, of course, as he's gotten quite good at it.

2011 - Sheep Goes Left

One of Sheep Goes Left's iOS enhancements was the addition of a complete mp3 based soundtrack. I'm not usually one to add so much music to a single game, but Sheep Goes Left seemed like it needed a proper OST to go with it.
Sheep Goes Left - OST
The complete soundtrack consists of 21 tunes, and they're all as great as each other.

2011 - Sheep Goes Left MOD

As I recreated the game as Nintendo DS Homebrew, AL took the time to go over all the tunes and recreate them as simple 4-channel mod files.
The complete iOS soundtrack has been reproduced in a wonderfully chiptune-style!
Sheep Goes Left - MODs

2014 - Conspicuous

AL's first AL Bum of 2014 is titled Conspicuous, and if you're a regular AGameAWeek player, you'll probably recognise a fair few tracks in this collection.
When I listen to this album, I can clearly see the games as I hear them. A mark of a good choon, hopefully.. either that or I've just played the games, way too often!

2014 - Enigmatically

Enigmatically was the second AL Bum of 2014. During most of this time, I wasn't putting the music directly into the games, since I was instead working on the massive Alpha Collexion, which didn't include a soundtrack. As such, a LOT of the tracks have remained unused, except for random usage in trailers and the like.


I've got LOADS more AL Tracks hanging around, and since I now appear to be enjoying using Archive.org as a music hoarding mega-site, I'll no doubt be digging through the archives, and uploading more tracks over the next few months or so.


All tracks (I think!) are available to download under the "None-commercial usage", with .wav, .mp3, .ogg and .flac flavours available. (You upload the .wav and Archive.org generates the rest.)
If you do decide to use any of ALs tracks, be aware that anyone familiar with my games will probably recognise it from something I've created! ALs style sticks out a mile!!
When giving credit, "MEWSIK BY AL O'DARE" is the common method, but as long as you name him, he probably won't be offended.
If you'd like to use any of the choons in a commercial way, ask first or I'll get Molly to scratch your eyes out.

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Sun, 05 Apr 2015, 15:20
A back-catalogue to be very proud of

Super stuffage.
Sun, 05 Apr 2015, 15:43
*finds himself pondering*
... Wonder what'd happen if I put 'em on iTunes...?

*reads up on it*

Ugh.. Tax crap...

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Sun, 05 Apr 2015, 16:11

Yes, you must have an Apple ID and a current credit card on file with the iTunes Store. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will need to create one using iTunes.

If you currently have an iTunes Connect account to offer apps or books, you must create a new iTunes Connect account with a different Apple ID.

... So, I pretty much need a seperate bank account?? Fuck sake.. Never mind.

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Wed, 05 Aug 2015, 15:12
I've long since abandoned the idea of getting onto iTunes! (Lazy? Me?! Naaah!)

Meanwhile, here's a third AL Bum over at Archive.org
You'll find a lot of these tracks are from SpikeDislike3!

2015 - Precarious

AL helped to create a ton of tracks for SpikeDislike3, but even with all of those wonderful ingame modes, there's still a fair number of tracks in here that weren't used in the game.
Injury is a particularly different sort of track.. AL doesn't usually do such slow melodies.

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Sat, 28 Nov 2015, 13:03

2015 - Liquid

Although I haven't been coding much during 2015, that hasn't stopped the flow of ALChoons, and as a result, here's a second AL Bum that I've generated during the course of the year.
You won't recognise a lot of these tracks, as they haven't (yet!) been used in my games and other things, but that'll no doubt change over the coming months, as I kick off 2016 with a proper AGameAWeek Schedule..

Given that I've not done AGameAWeek, this year, 2015's still been a rather productive none-game year.
I just hope that next year can still be none-game productive, whilst also being AGameAWeek productive, too!!

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Sat, 28 Nov 2015, 14:23
Listening now.

So much free space Online nowadays.

You should use more effects in your music to get the listeners attention. Havent heard that in a song of yours.

When the scenemusic radio stopped working i started kistening to collections of music. On my bedroom i always have music playing on the laptop. Do you maybe have one large video of maybe 10+ hours of you music? Or a directory with links to lots of your tunes? Or a torrent? I actually would play your music for a while if it is not a big job to get it playing.

A tip i once got for my music was to use brasses. Stil not sure on how to make good music like the pro's. Maybe there wil be more education for free online in the future where i can learn more.
Sun, 29 Nov 2015, 01:09
I tend to keep away from Brass instruments. Must be something odd with my hearing, but I can't listen to any music with Fake-Brass without going "Eeeuw, Fake Brass!!"
It sticks out like a sore thumb, and I'm very rarely happy with it.

As for "effects", there's plenty of knob twiddling going on in my choons, but I tend to stray on the subtle side of things. I've a few where I've gone crazy-shit with 'em, but they're few and far between.

I prefer to just plonk notes down, and see where it leads me.
So far, so good!

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