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Posted : Monday, 13 November 2017, 09:16

Debt Collectors... I'm annoyed!!!

Ages ago, I received a letter from a company called Vanquis Bank Fresh Start, about an old Sky account or something from years ago... Now, not having a clue, I just scrumpled it up and chucked it away.

So the phone went today, I answered it, and it was them... So... On with the phone call... They said I owed them £160 from an old Sky account and how was I going to pay...

A bit, well, dumbfounded, I was like "Here, I havent a clue what your on about", and then she started rattling off bollocks, and I said "Here, can I have a copy of the agreement, terms and conditions and that"

They said they had none...

I said "What, what do you mean you have none?"

They said it was verbal with Sky

So I said "What you mean verbal, there should be something?"

Nope, they have nothing, so I said can I have a copy of any information, literally, any information your holding about me.

They have none, only the letter they sent demanding £160, which she would gladly resend!?!

I was like "Here, what the hell am I going to do with that, you can put any old number on a piece of paper, are you kidding me? You obviously have data about me, I'm requesting it, you say you have none, what the fuck am I doing on this phone!"

So, with that, I just said "Hold on a minute, I'm just going to look for something", then started searching for the Data Protection Act... And she piped up "I can get a colleague to ring back later", and I was like "No no, your alright, your on the phone now", and she went "Well, we're not discussing anything", "Well, to be fair, there isnt anything to discuss because apparently, you hold no information about me, apart from whats contained in a shitty little bit of A4 paper, that you... you... sent me!"

"I'll get someone to call back later"


I hope they ring back... I really really do, because it's annoyed the fuck buggery out of me!!! Grrrrrrrr


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Posted : Monday, 13 November 2017, 09:41
Sounds like a scam, that....

If it was legit you'd have CCJ and they'd have a court order to collect.
Posted : Monday, 13 November 2017, 09:57
I've read up on them...

Apparently, Vanquis is provi, now regardless or not if I owe it... I'm not sure, when I broke up with the ex I never had a clue what was going on, I honestly cannot remember having Sky in around that time... I know we had BT Vision prior...

Anyway, What they seem to do is hassle the shit out of you, and they offer you some sort of loan towards the debt at stupid interest, or something along them lines... So yeah... Scam and a half that one!


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Posted : Monday, 13 November 2017, 10:47
When I was but young'un - (not that young - early teens), British Gas called round to my parents' house and said they've come to cut them off.

"OK" said my Dad, "but we don't have any gas."

"You must have," said the guy, "as I've come to cut you off."

"We haven't got gas. We've never had gas. We're all electric", said my Dad.

"That's not what this letter here says", says the guy, waving a piece of paper.

And they go round in circle for a minute or two, repeating "no gas." "you must have" a few times...

Then my Dad said, "Ok. Come on in. You can cut off my gas."

The bloke surprisingly comes in and says "Where's your gas meter?"

"We don't have one", said my Dad.

The bloke then says, "It'll most likely be near you electric meter."

"OK" Says my Dad and shows him to the electric meter cupboard. Then opens it up.

"Yep. That's your electric meter. Now, where's your gas meter?"

By now, my Dad is getting a bit pissed off. Well, more than a bit. He's humoured this guy enough.

"We. Haven't. Got. A. Gas. Meter. Do you understand English. WE HAVEN'T GOT A GAS METER!!!!"

"But you must have one, as I'm here to cut you off."

"You can have a look around this whole bloody house if you want. But we haven't got a gas meter."

"OK" says the guy, "Lead on" and he does indeed check the whole house.

Then he says. "Err. You haven't got a gas meter."

My Dad near goes through the fucking roof at this. "I fucking told you that 10 minutes ago!"

"Err. I better go and check my records. But I'll be back soon" says the guy.

Never saw him again.
Posted : Monday, 13 November 2017, 11:07
I used to work for British Gas.

And now, I don't.

So... that's nice.
Posted : Monday, 13 November 2017, 15:43
Interesting... just having a read of the local news and spotted this. Sounded very familiar.


I'd probably report your experience to ActionFraud... https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud