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Posted : Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 16:26
Twitter brings out the absolute fucking worst in me. I have no tolerance for fucktards, and it's full of them. I'm done with it.
Posted : Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 16:26
With a few exceptions, of course.
Posted : Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 16:33
How dare you refer to me as an exception!! *blocked*

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 23:55
Me and social media dont get on... Basically, I'm a berk, especially when you plough two bottles of wine into me!!!

Seriously though, after just dropping the lot of them (Though, I was never a tweeter really), I'm a bit more calmer now, and, came to the realization that to be honest, I couldnt give a flying fuck what 99% of "friends" are up to, and do you know what, I dont want them to know what I'm up too either, because there is a lot of green eyed monsters out there and snakes, I've heard a rumbling or two...

I go away a lot yeah, yeah I do, I put pictures up, check in to places, as you do, but over the grapevine, you hear some people are like "Huh, I see Dabz is away again, I wish he'd fuck off with them pictures", I've even called them out and told them, on Facebook if they dont like it, then just fucking block me... Noone did.

I know the reasons though, because generally, the ones that complain are usually the ones that havent got a pot to piss in, and would mostly rather spend their spare, sitting in the house on a weekend ramming shite up their noses from the coffee table, or if they do get out, still ram shite up their snecks from the back of a dirty bog cistern. I havent got time for people like that, they can rot in their pathetic lives for all I care. /rant

The friends that matter, like, really matter, I know what they are up too, because I talk to them, some everyday, others, we have catch ups, and its nice, we have canny banter here, its good!!!

One of the beauties I've noticed is... Say, its your birthday, and you get the usual:-

Someone I know, but not a mate: Happy birthday Michael, hope you have a good one xx
Someone else I see out and about occasionally: Happy birthday Dabs, dont drink too much lol xxxxxxx
etc etc

You'd think they were top buddies and all that... Walk past them in the street, and its mostly:-

Someone I know, but not a mate: Alright
Me: Aye, you?
Someone I know, but not a mate: Aye
Me: Champion

AND THATS IT, paths then parted and off we go, but on Facebook, you'd think we'd of knocked about together since we were five!

The whole place is fake!

I dont miss it, will never be back on them, my good good mates understand the whys and that... But I'll be honest, life is just better without it!

I just solely act like a berk here now!


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Posted : Wednesday, 21 March 2018, 02:29
Yeah i ditched Facebook ages ago as well. I still have an account cos Mark Cockerberg won't let me have a business page without a personal account to go with it. It's just 'there' tho - doesn't get used.

I really couldn't give a shite if <whoever> just got to level 972 of Candy Crush Saga. You just scored 10/10 on the Coronation Street quiz, did you? Bleh. Oh look, a photo of your dinner. Oh and a video of you dancing about like a total spacktard while pissed out of your mind. Comedy gold, I'm sure. Oh and let's not forget the "attention seeking huns":

"FFS bloody bastard cunting bollocks blah blah blah"

"Awww whats up hun ***hugs***"

"Nothing I'm fine hun xxx"

Er.... what????

Cannot cope with it. It's all "ooh everybody look at meeeeeee".