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Posted : Thursday, 07 November 2019, 10:24



Translation from @kunihisa_ogawa
シュッ is an onomatopoeic word pronouncing "shu" and is used to describe something going through the air like an arrow, spray, etc. In western Japan, it is also used to describe someone thin, handsome, etc. It is a little vague even in Japanese, but I hope my explanation helps...


Sorry I made you wait!
We will hold a “Petitkon Daikito”, a dream festival where petitcon creators across the country compete for their work in honor!
... a little exaggeration.

Whether you are an experienced veteran from the first “Petitcon” or a true freshman debuted in “Petitcon 4”, please feel free to join us.
What is important is the “innovation” and “interesting” of the work.
We are looking forward to seeing you “Sush” (? in-house buzzwords)!


"Daikiki Grand Prize", "TSUKUMO Award", "Gold Award", "Silver Award", "Bronze Award", "Young Lion Award (*)"
* This award is for those who have never touched the program before “Petit Con 4”.
If applicable, please attach the “Freshman” tag when submitting your work. (Please be assured that even if this tag is attached, you will be selected for prizes other than the Young Lion Award.)
Please note that if it is determined that a person who does not meet the “Young Lion Award” condition is applied with a tag, it will be excluded from the selection of each prize.

Daikiki Grand Prize

"Hokkaido seafood" ticket
Other Prizes are available

* Contents vary depending on fishing conditions.
* Due to shipping, we will send another souvenir (from Hokkaido) to participants from overseas.
* The timing of shipping will be decided upon consultation when the Grand Prize is awarded. If you are not good at marine products, please contact us.


"Pi STARTER" + "SmileBASIC keyboard + mouse set"

This award is selected by Project White Co., Ltd., which sells personal computers and computer peripherals under the TSUKUMO brand sponsored by Daiki.
The prizes are "Pi STARTER" software that allows you to enjoy programming with SmileBASIC on the Raspberry Pi, and the USB keyboard and mouse set "TKPS-001" with SmileBASIC graphic characters engraved on the key top.

Selection method

Of the submitted works, those that satisfy the application requirements will be selected after the Smile Boom President and other employees in charge of “Petit Con 4” will conduct a strict review. The TSUKUMO Award will be selected by Kazunori Komagata, Executive Officer, Project White Co., Ltd.
* Depending on the result of the examination, there may be no corresponding works for each award.
* The number of guest judges may increase.

"5th Petit Con Daiki" Application Guidelines

If you are an 18-year-old person, please ask this person to see this part.
In order for a person under the age of 18 to apply for a work, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the guardian.
If you win the award, you may be contacted or your winning work may arrive at your home, so please be sure to read the contents of this page and get OK to apply for the work.
If your parents don't say OK, polish your arms and wait for the time to come.


From November 7, 2019, 12:00 to January 9, 2020, 15:00
* No modification after the deadline is allowed.



Qualification requirements

There are no particular restrictions on age or occupation. Anyone can apply. Applications from professionals or those with equivalent skills are also accepted.
* If you are under 18 years of age, you will need the consent of your parent as described above.

Entry work

Limited to works produced with Nintendo Switch ™ software “Petitkon 4 SmileBASIC”.
Please create and submit a work in line with the "Theme" in some form. You are free to interpret "theme".
Entries are unpublished works (*) and are limited to original works created by the applicants themselves.
Multiple works can be submitted by one person.
If there are multiple stages, hidden stages, etc. in the map or composition during the game, prepare invincible commands, etc. so that you can see the work to the end.
If there are images, sound sources, or other materials used in the work that are used with the permission of others, please list the source somewhere in the work.
Works that infringe copyright or honorary rights, works that violate public order, morals, or other laws, and that are judged to be undisclosed by the Smile Boom are not subject to review.
Please note that you are solely responsible for any issues related to infringement or illegality. We are not responsible for any work that causes problems. Please note that we are unable to answer any inquiries regarding infringement or illegality of third parties.

* Unpublished works = Authors posted on private blogs, social web services such as Twitter and YouTube, and SNS are included here as "unpublished works". In addition, works created and released in the “Petit Con Series” including “Petit Con 4” can be re-submitted as modified works and brush-ups.

Confirmation items when applying

Regardless of whether or not there is an award, the image, video or work itself containing the work submitted to Daikito is designated by SmileBoom's official twitter, youtube channel and other SNS and official websites, “Petit Con 4” May be published in various media of the company.
Works that have been submitted after consenting to the application guidelines will be immediately released in “Petitcon 4”.
Please note that once a work has been released, if it is determined that there is a problem with the smile boom, it may be suspended without notice.

How to apply

You can apply for your work from within “Petitcon 4”.
Go to “File Operation” > “Server” tab on the top menu of “Petitcon 4” > Operate in the order of “Apply to contest”, select “5th Petitcon Daikito” displayed and enter the flow of posting please.

Review announcement

Final results will be announced on the “Petit Con 4” official website in early February 2020.
* The schedule may change without notice depending on the number of works submitted.

Other notes

We will not respond to questions regarding the evaluation of individual works.

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding this contest, an e-mail address will be set up within the period specified below. Please contact us by e-mail. When making an inquiry, please make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed the application guidelines. We do not accept inquiries by phone, e-mail, postcards or twitter direct mail to addresses other than those specified below.

Smile Boom Petit Con Daiki Office
Support period: November 7, 2019-January 9, 2020

* We will respond to inquiries during business hours on weekdays. Please note that we do not respond to holidays or holidays outside of business hours.
* We cannot answer inquiries outside of the support period.
* We will try to respond to inquiries as soon as possible, but please understand that it may take a day or two to respond.


Opinions and requests for this application guideline cannot be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

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Posted : Thursday, 07 November 2019, 17:01
From 4Gamer.net, RE Petit Clampett

A work by JNK who lives in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. It is an action game that you can clear the stage by manipulating characters that can be jumped and ceiling mounted, and collecting a certain number of coins in the automatically generated maize. Mr. JNK is a heavy user of petitcon and publishes new works once a week. It seems that there is no time to make one work at such a high pace, but it is still amazing that it is a "playable" work. You can feel the good sense of "creating a game that can be played by combining few elements".

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