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Posted : Sunday, 24 June 2018, 13:54

Nice end to a poo day...

Well, I've had a bit of a day today... I've been doing sprinkler tests, and throughout the day, the sprinklers have been right gits, not shutting down after turning the test taps, more pressure, bells not going because the little spinny thing in the bell isnt going as the water is passing too quick, so I had to "tune it" to set it off!

Now I'm blaming the heat, cos its been hot today, it acts funny, be it a hot or really cold day... But on top of that, we had chew with an alarm panel in the Battery shop, it was sending ghost fires to security, and they were getting a fret on, but, nothing was showing on the panel, and its the panel that sends the message to security... We were stumped... It settled down, and we have no clue what it was doing (To be fair though, the alarm panel is about 18 years old, lol, the Nissan way.... Admin want shiney new computers, sorted, we want new alarm panels, not a chance... And its getting a touch harder to maintain them as now the company I work for can only source spares and parts from... Ebay!!!)

Anyway, about 3pm a lad who works there is off on his long weekend, and the git sent me a photo of a pint, the arse, so I replied "I could kill for a bottle of Peroni, the plant has Gremlins in it today!"

All seemed well, I finished my last job about 4.20pm, 10 mins before I was due to head home, and then, radio message comes through, sprinkler activation... Never thought much about it, since its been a twat all day, and, well, it turned out...


Aye... It was an activation... In Paint shop, most explosive place in there (Apart from Battery... Thats packed with Lithium)! Grrrrrrrr

Honestly, the plant has had it in for me all day today, and the twat tried its hardest to keep me there... f***ing thing!

Anyway, turns out, they fired up ovens in the Paint shop, and forgot to turn an extractor on which... controls heat, that bit is the bit where the cars come out of the oven and they head up that ramp there!

Major bollock by someone, heads are going to roll in the morning, it wasnt us, we were first there, but someone is going to get it both barrels, security will get kicked as it took them 30 mins to respond, we technically dont have to go anywhere near it, and worst still, to shut it down, we need permission from a higher order, which, there wasnt anyone on site, because obviously it was a lovely day and England were playing as well, so apart from us, security and a handful of people... The plant was dead...

Apart from the Gremlins... Them bastards were everywhere!

What a day


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Posted : Sunday, 24 June 2018, 15:15
Geeze, on a Sunday, too?

I expect there'll be a lot of water damaged stuff, after all of that.
Bah, humbug.

But, hey, at least you know the sprinklers work

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Posted : Monday, 25 June 2018, 01:23

Geeze, on a Sunday, too?

I know... Of all the days... But I work most weekends, 3 out of the 4 every month, my usual days off are mon/tues, then I get a long weekend for the 4th one, which is sat/sun/mon off!

Works well, I dont mind it if I'm honest, yeah, I've missed quite a bit of stuff, race days to York, peoples birthdays as I wont have a drink the night before anymore if I'm driving the next day... But it's comfy and makes the long weekend better, like, I appreciate it more.

I expect there'll be a lot of water damaged stuff, after all of that.

lol, you couldnt see on the video, but it was pissing out that door and just spreading everywhere... And thats just one bulb gone, there is a store underneath that ramp, never managed to get in, but apparently there is all sorts in there, lol, that'll be knackered!

But, hey, at least you know the sprinklers work

lol, I knew the system was okay as I tested it on the morning, though, I suppose it was nice to have an actual proper run out on our part, on the Nissan part, I can foresee meetings in little rooms in the admin block and people lying out their teeth to save their skins, because the engineers in there, and security, they have some explaining to do... Which looks better for us as we usually get whinged at for the most stupidest of stuff!

Nissan: "Why is a fire extinguisher missing from location L01523 in Trim and Chassis?"
Us: "Dont know, someone must have taken it"
Nissan: "Well why has it not been replaced?"
Us: "Because noone has told us its been taken"
Nissan: "Well that isnt good enough!!!"

:/ Eh?

There over 2500 fire extinguishers in that factory, 7 of us service and repair every single fire system in there... thousands and thousands of creaky devices... And they still expect us to walk the plant looking at every fire point to check if all the extinguishers are on!

And if the lads turned around and said "Well if you want someone to go around checking for missing extinguishers, give us more money and we'll pay someone to do it", they'll just go "Dont be stupid!"

Sometimes, they are completely mental in the common sense department!

Makes you laugh like!


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