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Socoder -> Music -> XM Midi and FooBar

Posted : Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 15:50

XM Midi and FooBar

Four old Midi files from the JNK Archives, from the times before Gmail, and when I was still adding "ltd" to "jnk", because it amused me that "I was quite limited in what I can do.."
People didn't like me doing that..

Aaah, the olden days..
2021/17/JNKMidi_Old (.zip)

Today I learned of a YamahaXG synth VSTi plugin. (Download's near the top of the page, 3.0Mb.)
Scroll down a bit, and you can find instructions for getting the Plugin to work with FooBar, by installing a Midi add-on to FooBar, then faffing about with plugin settings.
(though, replace Preferences -> Playback -> Input -> MIDI synthesizer host with Playback -> Decoding -> MIDI Player)

Follow these steps, and you'll have the awesome Yamaha XG midi library, ready to play some awesome quality midi into your ears.

Back on my first PC, one of the earliest bits of kit I added was a Yamaha XG Soundcard. Dirt cheap at the local Car Boot, and produced some awesome quality Midi renditions. Still amazes me to this day. Everyone's all "Oooh, midi, like a Roland, so good", and I'm constantly shaking my head.
Anyway, all four midis were created with XG as my sounding board, and it's GREAT to hear them in the best quality available, once more.

Give 'em a play, if you can be arsed.

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Posted : Thursday, 29 April 2021, 00:03
I have seen this Foobar mentioned before. It is a browser plugin? Not sure what it does though.

I was amazed at the quality of midi music back than when I bought a cheapish Roland keyboard that had midi and I played those files through that.
Posted : Thursday, 29 April 2021, 04:00
Foobar is a music player. It's like a bland and "functional" version of what Winamp was, back in the day, except instead of a lovely interface with millions of themes, it's a bog-standard window with an uninspired playlist in the middle.

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