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Created : 28 April 2016

Sprite editor getting better.

New desk is getting delivered

Here a link to the last version : https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwnlkwanuv9xv07/SpriteEditor48x48.7z?dl=0

In a few hours a desk will be delivered at my parent hous. I also have a computer there on which I work to. (It is a lot quieter there)
The desk is going to be a 150cm wide desk. This last monday a conference chair was delivered. The chair was easy enough to assemble. I hope the desk is not that hard to assemble. Probably will take a while for everything to be done.

Today I want to create a various sized grid feature in the editor and maybe a horizontal and vertical mirror feature.

The mirror feature is that one where there is a line in the center of the program and what you draw left is mirror-drawn in the right side.

I will probably make a gui element for the grid feature too, so you will be able to set the grid to larger and smaller. Or just maybe a + or - keyshortcut, not sure yet.

Maybe I will read back the notes and get more done today. I am now watching the video's of yesterday to see where a new feature could be usefull.

I might spend more time working in the sprite editor. If I draw for lonfer periods I might think of a nice new feature. And I get better at art to and wil have art for future projects.
I might place the sprite/tile data in a folder on my monkey worklog today.

Here a youtube playlist with latest video's of the program. Tutorials and examples and such :