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Invasion V ... Prototype


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Newsletter #310 : Jayenkai

; Newshammer

#310 - Friday 31st March, 2017

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Every Friday, Hoping this one doesn't die.


A slightly larger YouTube section, this week, as I spent most of the week waiting for backups and installs and things to get done, so had oodles of time to waste on YouTube.
Stupid bloody laptop.

New laptop is now up to spec, and already has half a devkit going. I'm not 100% sure that the Android side of things is quite right, but a quick test from TeamOUYA should help relieve any worries.

It's been back to some sort of coding normality for the past couple of days, and I've been rushing to get everything flowing well enough that I can hopefully get back to a Tuesday release schedule.
At the same time, I need to open up the dead laptop and see what can be done in there.
I haven't yet even attempted to do that, so it oughta be fun figuring out how to do it.
.. the laptop's own service manual seems to be an entirely different model, so.. yeah.. that helps :/

; Pretty Shapes

Andy_A's created a lovely "button" generator. It makes lovely gradiented rotational-symmetrical objects for use in all number of places.

; WinTweaks

Jay wants to know how to change the default size of thumbnails in Windows.

; New Car? No Ta!

Steve goes for a car.
*spoiler* Steve doesn't get it.


; KORG Mic

KORG add a new Gadget to Gadget, and as is now tradition, Jay must attempt a test tune using only the new features.
Unfortunately the new Gadget is a Mic Recorder, so Jay needs to record his own voice.
Only bad things can possibly come from this!

; Comic Relief

I usually love the output from Comic Relief, but in recent years it's all gotten a bit "celebrity", with "not particularly famous for comedy" celebs showing up with a silly costume, and somehow being popped onto primetime tv.
"Hahaha. So funny. Look at his hat. It amuses us!!"
Even the old comedy songs have become plain, bog standard, unaltered songs.
Bah, humbug.
I did enjoy the Jeremy Kyle sketch, though, which is odd because I normally hate that man with a passion.


; Not on Our Plane

Want to take a laptop on a plane?
There are worries that they may be laced with explosives, so rather than going with the user, laptops are being relegated to luggage-only!
'Cos they can't possibly explode, there!

; Pound Coin!

There's a new Pound Coin in the UK.
I haven't had one yet.
Have you?



; Technology!

BBC looks at the future of CGI

View on YouTube

; Classic TV

Some adverts and other bits and pieces.
Incidentally, this footage is from the very day I was born!

; Musical Interlude

Dance, Dance, Dance!

; Top Bumper

Colin gets called on by the BBC to make a racer fit for The Stig!

Part Two

Part Three

; Andrew and Rob - Wubbin' Together!

; Wavey Arm Lady

Always amazes me that people seem to just walk by, not even noticing that wavey arm lady is dancing right in front of them!

; Charity

What is Charity, and why do we need it?

; Mick's Alright!

He's alright!

; New Blondie Single

No, really!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon

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