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Welcome to Socoder

Socoder is a community of coders, who sit in a quiet corner of the internet, chatting endlessly about random nonsense.
Occasionally we code, too.

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30th April 2024

Retro OS game launcher


Bubble Bobble RPG

12th April 2024

NES Remake


Emu's Massive Hunt [Vic 20 +35K]

17th February 2024

I'm making a platformer for the fully expanded Vic 20. I've had fun with making a game in the unexpanded (4k) Vic and now I want to do something without the restrictions of limited RAM. Well it's still limited to a bit under 40K but that is hug*snip*


Blockman Blast

21st January 2024

Blockman returns with an all new ability.
Gobble enough pellets and he can blast a hole through the maze to help grab a few more pellets.
Eat them all to complete the level.
Rinse repeat.



31st December 2023

Q-Billy takes a turn at the cubes


Demon Attack X

27th November 2023

Demon Attack X is a remake of the TRS-80, Tandy Color Computer game that was published by IMAGIC in 1982. There were numerous ports based off the original Atari release, but I always found this version to be the best due to the unique graphics and the amaz*snip*