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>The Main Bits The most frequently used sections
On Topic
Things that should probably have a place to go, but don't.
OpenAI Chat
Jayenkai06:20, Today
Off Topic
Discuss what you like.
Newsletter - Resurrecting a Dead PC
dna14:21, Today
What Have You Done
New threads appear infrequently to post what we've been up to.
What Have You Done - January 2023
rychan01:52, 30-01-2023
Site & Server
Topics about the site and the server. Outages, fixes, breaks and other site'y things.
Mind Poke - February 2023
rychan16:03, Today

>Coding Programming forums for various languages.
For help, advice and general discussion of the Blitz2D, Blitz3D and BlitzPlus.
Blitz scroll wheel fix
Dan13:04, 26-12-2022
Basic Basement
For all the other variants of Basic
mini basic
AndyH01:41, 07-03-2022
Blitz Max
The Next Generation of Blitz languages.
Downloading BlitzMax
Dan15:30, 11-12-2022
Discussion of development using the Monkey language (Monkey-X.com)
The Hiding Monkey
Jayenkai05:28, 11-08-2019
The classic language, from plain C, to C# and beyond.
Anyone any good at java?
Jayenkai16:33, 04-01-2023
Misc Languages
Languages which don't seem to fit anywhere else!
(If a particular language becomes popular on the forum, I'll happily add it's own forum. Just let me know!)
Getting started with Raspberry PI Pico - Jiggly Noise
Jayenkai14:40, 29-11-2022
Where everybody knows what Duck Typing is.
Python Sprites
rockford11:45, 29-04-2015
A Blitz/BASIC-Like syntax for Javascript.
Abandoned JSE Oddities
Pakz23:59, 24-01-2023
The now defunct website PlayMyCode.com
PlayMyCode's Still Popular!
dna16:07, 30-12-2013
The "Blitz beater"?
Using Cobra
Retro16:52, 15-06-2018

>Design Sections to help develop your game.
Progress reports and other such stuff.
MealWorm (Snake Game)
steve_ancell07:26, 30-01-2023
Discuss various programming concepts and game designs.
Five Words - Thoughts
spinal00:40, 14-01-2023
Art and Sound
Discuss Art styles, Music formats and post links to your own art and sound here.
Motivational Artworks
Brice07:23, Yesterday
Text Lists
A selection of text based lists which may or may not be useful as data within your games.
Jayenkai07:21, 28-09-2019

>Further Development Creating things that aren't necessarily running on a PC.
Mobile Coding
Developing for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or anything else that makes you want to call your thing an "App!"
Touch Device test voxel game.
Pakz00:08, 29-11-2022
Web Development
Discuss basic HTML, as well as CGI, Perl, PHP, Javascript and other web languages here.
Responsive SIte Design
Brice12:01, 03-01-2023
Wearable Coding
Development for watches and other wearables.
Fitbit Faces
rychan05:34, 21-03-2022
Handheld Coding
For GBA, PSP, DS, 3DS, Vita and anything else the fits into your hand.
rockford16:26, 25-08-2017
Console Coding
For all programming chat related to video game consoles.
SmileBASIC Switch - Sale
spinal05:56, Yesterday
Retro Coding
Programming for 8-bit and 16-bit machines like Amstrads, Amigas and BBC Micros.
Snake Games are the Best Games
AndyH05:30, 21-12-2022

>Bits and Bytes Things that may be code related, sort of..!
Hardware and Technology
It's not always about the software.
Singularity is close, <7 years.
rychan15:16, 31-01-2023
Retro Stuff
Old computers, photos of junk, photos of ourselves, and even more randomly retro gubbins.
Newer Emulators
rockford00:05, 31-12-2022

>Gaming Discuss videogaming of all varieties
Mobile Gaming
Games that are with you, always. Unless you left your phone at home.
Jackbox Party Packs On My Own
PHS14:09, 13-08-2021
PC Gaming
You know what goes here.
Remembering an Oldie
Brice13:06, 29-12-2022
Gamecube, Gameboy, DS and Wii, 3DS, WiiU, and NX! Fun Gaming!
No Man's Sky - Switch
Jayenkai09:33, 26-12-2022
Xbox, Xbox360, XBone, and Xbox Live. Super Powered Gaming!
Windows 10...
Jayenkai05:47, 26-07-2021
PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVita. Super Powered Gaming!
PS4 Thoughts
Jayenkai08:07, 06-10-2022
Misc Gaming
All other types of gaming. (Dreamcast!)
Smelly Cat (ZX Spectrum Game)
steve_ancell01:11, Today

>Entertainment Stuff that isn't gamey
Film + TV
Discuss all manner of Movies and TV Shows
Streaming Recommendations - 2023
Jayenkai15:57, Today
Discuss any books you've recently picked up, as well as your all time favourites.
Doctor Who Comic Bundle
rockford15:48, 07-07-2022
Your favourite groups, the latest albums, and more.
ALChoons : Turbulent
Jayenkai13:37, Yesterday

>Outside the Screen Not about Programming.
Hundreds of threads based on YouTube Links
Raccoon's Incident
rockford02:11, 19-01-2023
Mystery Boxes
Reviews of tat, and snacks, and other random oddities
Return of Degustabox
Brice14:54, 24-01-2023
Killer Bites
Mystery Snacks, Found Foods, and other grub based goodness.
Blue Eggs
Jayenkai01:39, 27-08-2022
Health Matters
As the coders get older, their Improper Arguments increase.
My mums surgery.
Jayenkai01:12, Today
The Business Side
Managing to do Marketing and Managing your Finances.
Falling Pound
Jayenkai04:21, 15-11-2018

>Misc Sections Seasonal, Occasional and mostly off-topic for most of the year
Birthday Threads
The forum section of cake
Happy Birthday, AndyH
AndyH04:09, 29-01-2023
RIP Threads
The forum section of remembrance
RIP Thread - 2023
rockford21:35, 30-01-2023
Festive Threads
Xmas comes but once a year, but the threads go on forever!
Advent Preparations : 2023
rockford11:01, 09-01-2023
Weather Threads
Do you like.. Snow..?
Stormy Sunday
steve_ancell05:46, 16-01-2023
Dangerous Threads
This forum is NOT a forum for discussing Politics, Religion or anything like that. Any such threads will end up in here.
P3n1s-Headed Putin.
Brice18:15, 20-12-2022

>Forgotten Sections We used to use these more often. Now, not so much.
Wednesday Workshop
Beware the spiders in the ye-olde Wednesday Workshop threads.
WW - #250 - The Stickman Challenge
Jayenkai03:53, 05-10-2016
Question of the Day
Various questions of varying complexity.
QOTD - February 2023
AndyH01:57, Today
Mini Challenges
Post your own little coding challenges here..
Road node code
Pakz08:43, 19-11-2017
Word of the Week
Words to spark creativity
Word of the Week : Backdate
Socoder17:28, 02-08-2020