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Created : 06 April 2017
Edited : 31 December 1969

#311 - Holiday News

; Holiday News

#311 - Friday 07th April, 2017

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Every Friday, Gathering spicy peppers


; Ooops!

Woke up bright and early.
"Today will be a productive day!"

I quickly cobbled together this week~1s ALChoon Video annd set it off rendering.
Whilst it~1s rendering, there~1s not a whole lot I can do on the PC other than watch it flickring away for 12 or so minutes.

"I know," I thought, "I~1ll play 12 minutes of Zelda!!"
2 hours later I was having my dinner, letting the Switch recharge, then went right back to playing Zelda again.

I swear, that game is sucking every ounce of time away from me. It~1s pure evil.

Other than that, I did a teensy bit of coding, tweaked my controller code a bit (nngh) and fixed a couple of bugs.
But nothing substantial.

What a waste of a day!

It~1s 21:10, and I usually post this newsletter around about now.
It~1s currently empty, down to the Tweets and YouTube!
Wonder how quickly it~1ll come together?

Oh dear. SoCoder sure has been quiet again, this week..
Is everyone playing Zelda?! What~1s going on?!
I might have to add extra waffle to pad things out!

; 4 bytes

Spinal resurrects his "4 bytes" topic, with a new complicated puzzle for shuffling binary numbers around.
Shroom_Monk appears to have the right idea, but we won~1t know for sure until Spinal~1s replied.
          Socoder Topic 5956

; More Super Shapes

Andy_A has updated his lovely "exploding unicorn" pattern drawing tool.
I~1m not 100% sure what~1s different. Perhaps just a bug fix?

; Monkey2~1s 3D

Mark continues to show off Monkey2~1s 3D capabilities.
Each time I see one of these, I find myself going through the same set of thoughts.
1. Oooh, that~1s nice. I bet I~1d have fun with that!
2. Mine would just be cubes..
3. Oh yeah, and it takes ages to compile.
4. I~1ll stick to 2D and Monkey-x!
But it sure does look nice, though.
          Socoder Topic 5628

; 80s TV Cartoon Mixes

Spray are rereleasing their wonderful mix of The Raccoon~1s Run With Us, with a whole bunch of new mixes added on for good measure.
As well as that, head Spray producer Ricardo Autobahn has been posting tracks from a forthcoming "Pound Shop Boys" album, which looks like it might also be entirely composed of classic 80s cartoon themes!


; Dead Bulb

Jay~1s lightbulb blew, last night.
It wouldn~1t be TOO much of an issue, if the Amazon order receipt didn~1t suggest it~1d only been in for just a year.
Jay~1s now slightly worried that there may be some kind of electrical issue in the house, but is unsure how to progress.
Typing "Electric monitor" into google only brings about those things that monitor the usage of the device that~1s connected, not the actual plug~1s "steadiness"
Any magical keywords would be helpful!

; Pound Coin

Jay~1s Mum finally brought home one of the new two-colour UK One Pound Coins.
It~1s quite a nice little coin, and has some of the tinyest text I~1ve never seen in my life.
I literally had to make use of one of those Onnoclip-style MacroLens things, just to get a good view of the text around the edge of the thing.
Totally invisible to my failing eyes.
          Socoder Topic 6061



; The Ultimate Question

Why do HotDog sausages not come in the same number packs as the HotDog rolls?

View on YouTube

; Chip

Chris from ExplainingComputers takes a look at a neat new mini-board, the $9 Chip.
He also compares the Chip to the $5 Rasp.Pi Zero

; Output

8-bit guy opens up his Atari 7800 to replace the RF output!

; Smoots

The measurement you~1ve (probably) never heard of.

; Experiments with a C64

I SO would~1ve loved to have had stuff like this, as a kid!

; Musical Interlude

With a Sheep!
80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube
VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon


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