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Created : 25 May 2017
Edited : 31 December 1969

#318 - Sleeping News

; Sleeping News

#318 - Friday 26th May, 2017

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Every Friday, Looking Back


; Hello World

A bit of a miserable week, this week, after the recent Manchester bombing.
I~1ve found it hard to concentrate.
Switching off the telly and ignoring all the news might help, but simply ignoring it doesn~1t make it go away.

My thoughts are most definitely with those who lost their lives, and family members.
It brings it all much closer when someone on your own Twitter feed is directly effected by the incident.

It~1ll be some time before normality is restored in this region.
In the meantime, I~1ll keep coding, and collecting YouTube videos.
Because, what else can you do..?


; What The Duck?

A lovely little browser based 3D experiment using Monkey2.
Mark~1s certainly building up a nice looking feature set.
Maybe I should...
.. maybe I should...

; Future Features

SoCoder2 is still coming along nicely. So far, nothing~1s gone horribly wrong, except for that short time yesterday, when for about an hour or so you could log in as anyone, without needing to use a password.. .. hopefully nobody noticed that!!!
Anyway, I~1ve asked on the forum for suggestions for features that might be missing. So if you have any ideas, pop along and suggest away.

; RIP Mr Bond

Sad news is everywhere, it seems.
Roger Moore passed away, this week.
He was, in my mind at least, as much James Bond as Tom Baker is The Doctor.
Farewell, Mr Bond.

; Family

Jayenkai has to deal with Family.

; MoreNES

Rychan continues to build up his experience with NES based assembly stuff.
His screenshots are certainly looking good!

; Mini Switch Dock

A company have made a smaller dock for the Switch, but aren~1t including any components. Instead, you have to disassemble the current dock, and reattach everything into the smaller unit.
Bit of a pain.
Certainly looks nicer, though.


; Superman Rap

Because you aren~1t Super unless you can rap.. apparently.

View on YouTube

; Science Enhancements

Scientists have recently managed to capture an incredible sound from our ecosystem.

; Pay, Pay, Pay

Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!
The worst offenders in InGame Purchases

; Twelve?

We only buy our eggs in sixes!

; Penny Crayon

Ashens has super fun with a 3D Pen!
I can~1t imagine I~1d do any better...

; Sad Song

The saddest song of all.
90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon


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