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Created : 16 June 2017
Edited : 16 June 2017

#321 - Dusty News

; Dusty News

#321 - Friday 16th June, 2017

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Every Friday, Doing the same thing


A week on from the chaos that was the BlitzClosure, and things seem to be settling, somewhat.
Of course, there's no absolute winner, yet, of the competition between the many replacement forums, but the money looks to be on SyntaxBomb, which is having a nice resurgence.
Plenty of topic, oodles of chatter.
.. still no showcases, code snippets or other features, yet, though.

But don't worry. SoCoder's not going anywhere!

Meanwhile, as promised, Skip has uploaded the Blitz Forum and Monkey-X Forum archives, which are now in a decent looking, read-only, highly functional forum site.


; E3 2017

E3's come and has now mostly gone.
There's been some interesting highpoints, as well as a couple of duds.
I swear, when the XBone and PS4 appeared, I couldn't give a rats arse.
Now, a few years later, we're getting semi-sequels to both. Massive upgrades to run games in massive 4K definition..
I still couldn't give a rats arse about either.
I'm quite content playing Nintendo games at 720p, in the palm of my hand.

; Fixing a NES

Steve decides that his NES needs fixing.
Given that he's recently been videoing his electronic escapades, will we soom be waatching a man break apart his childhood gaming history!?
I sure hope so! Gotta love a good techy video!


; RIP The Real Batman

Adam West passed away, and everyone is sad, because everyone knows he was the one and only true Batman.
Whether you grew up when it was on, or fell in love with it during TVAM's massive strikes, where they just showed Batman every day, you'll have been struck by his passing.
RIP Batman

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; Skyney Runs Away

Developers thought it'd be a good idea to evolve the massive mainframe so that it knows how to elude capture.
This will come back to haunt us in the future..


; Updating

Meanwhile, Jay lies in bed, waiting for his laptop's fan to shut the fuck up..

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; Game Editor

Hardcoal22's posted about his indev Game Engine/Editor thing.
It's like some kind of Unity, but built in BlitzMax.
Could be fun to play about with, once it's done.

; Re-Routing

zzoom has issues with his router, exactly a year to the day that I did!



Some wonderful pictures are sent to the Boots
They look through them, with Gloves, and musical toots.

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Inside shoes live your feet, and around those are socks.
These swim underwater with fishes and rocks.

The people are crazy, they pay through the nose.
For features and items like a new set of clothes.

The baby is winking with her magical eye.
The host sings a song, but I'm not quite sure why.

A week full of treats for the folk who like games.
They play with their sticks and prepare to take aim.

Off on a journey, a train for the man.
Confusion is caused. I can't say where I am.

The man is quite hungry, and in need of a snack.
He dances a jig with a bird on his back.

Mashed Up Corner

The big lights are on, and light up your face.
When we take a walk, we'll go to this place.

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VGRemix Corner

Three little singers who stand in a line.
They sing us a song that sounds quite divine.

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The fat man is wearing his red and blue suit.
He smashes the bricks and eats mushrooms like fruit.

The Hedgehog is running, but he isn't alone.
He has extra lives that are following him home.

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