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Created : 19 April 2012
Edited : 26 November 2013
System : Windows
Language : Blitz


A Million 2-minute puzzles

Yes Seriously! A million puzzles with several ways to 'play' them. In the zipped file you'll find all the source (written in Blitz+) and an exe. For this demo there are 10000 of the million puzzles for you to try. 5 of the 6 methods of playing them work, still working on the Jigsaw puzzle one.
If you get stuck on a puzzle Esc out of it and try a different format, it may be easier if approached from a different angle.
Disclaimer: The animations used in the Duplicity game were my three year old son's idea - seriously, no copyright infringement intended Peppa honest.

Enjoy. And criticise please.
One Million Two-Minute Puzzles



Monday, 23 April 2012, 01:47
I love CodeBreaker type games, but your puzzles are too small to help identify the most common letters etc. I did one puzzle without cheating, but it wasn't easy (Fireworks).

I also clicked on Give me a clue once - "T" popped up in the letter grid, but "N" was shown in the puzzle, but not on the letter grid.

Self-populating the puzzle with the letters you put into the letter grid would be a nice feature (don;t have to put in every A or E etc. just pop a letter into the grid and it will appear in every position in the puzzle).

Using a key to remove letters from the puzzle would be nice too (eg DELETE or SPACE) rather than clicking on the CLUE help box thingy.

Also if you click below the CLUE box, triggers the clue bit. Should only be triggered on the actual button.

An EXIT button would be nice too.

Other than that, it's a nice little app. Just a bit too little!

BTW It crashes if you click on the CLUE button multiple times - I presume there's an array out of bounds error.
Tuesday, 24 April 2012, 11:50
Thanks for feedback Rockford, yep it's still a bit buggy.
The CodeWord puzzle will be but one of several choices for each puzzle. I hope to add Cryptic, Straight(Quick simile) and other crossword options as well as anagrams and so on. The main idea behind this was the 1,000,000 puzzles which could be broken down into 500 x 2000 puzzle chunks and sold after the player is hooked by the free first app with sample puzzles. Making a million unique puzzles - all uniquely numbered has been quite a challenge, but it means if you're stuck on puzzle number x, then your mate can load up puzzle number x and it will be identical, not a puzzle made on the fly. That's the theory anyway.

Again thanks for looking, know any freelance Monkey Coders?
Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 10:03
With a random seed you can ensure that all puzzles (with the same number) are identical on different devices.

Anyway, good luck with this