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Posted : Saturday, 09 September 2017, 13:08

Laptop/hard drive problem

This one's pissing me off.

I have a Lenovo Ideapad G580 with a Samsung SSD running Windows 10 (originally came with HDD/Win8).

Everything works great 99% of the time but sometimes, when I've been AFK for a while, I've gone back to my laptop to find it's rebooted into BIOS, and it says no drive is installed. If I exit BIOS, which would normally boot into Windows, it just goes back to BIOS. I have to hold the power button til it shuts down, then switch it back on, and everything works as normal.

On a couple of occasions, something's gone wrong while I've been using it. The mouse pointer still moves but that's about it. It's consistent with the hard drive somehow failing, but it just stays like that - doesn't reboot to BIOS.

Checked the drive for errors - nothing. Nothing in system logs, which I guess there wouldn't be if it's losing access to the drive.

I have it set to not do anything when the lid is closed, and it isn't attempting to hibernate as I've disabled all that.

Posted : Saturday, 09 September 2017, 13:12
That sounds a lot like what happened to my HP lappy.
Started being "Weird" until one day when it point blank refused to boot at all.
If you can open, unplug and reseat the hard drive connector, that might help. But mine required a fresh hard drive before it would behave properly again.

.. They don't make 'em like they used to!!

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Saturday, 09 September 2017, 13:32
I already tried that a couple of times. Hopefully it's not the hard drive dying - its a 250GB SSD. :/

Either way, just [accidentally] done a BIOS update. But thank fuck, it's completed, rebooted, and laptop still works. Whether the problem has been solved, only time will tell.

Oh - I don't mind Lenovo stuff... though not sure I'd get another after what happened with my E520 Thinkpad. Motherboard died out of warranty, but it was a known fault so they repaired it for free. Great... except it cost me £30 to post it to them, and when it came back, they'd forgotten to reconnect the touchpad. Ended up fixing that myself, rather than dole out another £30. But if you're not conversant with the innards of laptops that would have been a royal fuck-up for Lenovo and it says to me that they didn't test it very thoroughly after the rebuild.
Posted : Saturday, 09 September 2017, 15:44
Maybe a future windows update will fix it. I had left one of the new laptops running once and when I came back it was in the bios also. It would not exit the bios and I had to do the power off thing. It only happened once. The windows updates seem to have been solving several other problems I had with it.

If in the background windows sends data to ms with problems they might solve the problem in a future update.
Posted : Sunday, 24 September 2017, 13:47
Well, problem not solved. Just left laptop for an hour or so, came back and it's like "er... what do I boot from"? No hard drive.

Power off, power back on, works again.

Suspecting an iffy connection on the motherboard but fucked if I'm replacing that.

|edit| hmm.... all that's in the error logs is "the shutdown at 16:28:13 was unexpected", so it's actually been left about four hours this time. There's nothing in the system logs anywhere close to that time to indicate that anything was going wrong... which stands to reason as it can't write the system log if there's no hard drive there.

Don't really fancy it but toying with going back to a HDD, just to rule out an SSD fault.
Posted : Sunday, 24 September 2017, 17:58
See, if you reported that you'd only get":-

"god knows what happened there, fingers crossed eh"!


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