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Posted : Sunday, 01 October 2017, 13:12


I know politics arent really allowed... But what I've seen in Catalonia so far is, I dunno... Gob smacked!

Yeah, Catalans havent legally been allowed to hold a referendum, but still, the problem of independence will never go away, it never does with Scotland, but the UK government give them a shot, and regardless of what you think of Brexit if your Scottish, Scotland voted to stay within the UK, and for all sense and purposes, it was a "we are in it together" vote, which, they voted to stay, and referendums shouldn't be churned out constantly just to suit...

That's my opinion, everyone had their voice, for the biggest issues of our generation, and if you ended up with the wrong result for your preference, then you still have to respect what the majority decided... That's how diplomacy works!

So, moving on, Catalans decide to have a vote anyway, it isnt legal, whatever the outcome of it, regardless if the republics or unionist's win or lose... It's a farce. People may say a yes vote will strengthen their right for independence and push Madrid to let them have a legit one, that may be so, but jesus... Have you seen whats happening over there now:-



How on Earth does Madrid expect THAT to help things? How? Is fucking ISIS running the government over there now?

"Right, send in the guardia civil and tell them to kick the shit out of them, orders of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi"

IMO this gives them more of a right then anything... Clear suppression of freedom of speech, the right to protest and the right not to be abused by those who serve to protect you.

Those police officers who have went wayyyyyy above their station and decided that abuse is the only way... I'd shoot the fuckers me, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria needs a word too... fucking cow bag!

They should've just let them get on with their play referendum, and if it was a yes vote, Madrid should've done the decent thing, and try to solve it by diplomacy, and if that doesnt help... Give them a say, but make sure the Catalans know that if they vote to leave their little union... That's that... They'll be a tiny part of the EU and without their big brother, probably swallowed... Like Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Island... We are in fact, better together...

And they are too, and I think they would realise that... I say "are too", but after whats happening over there, maybe not... Maybe going their own way is now the only choice for your average Catalan.

I personally now wish them the best of luck, and Madrid rot in the own goal they've just played!

Knob heads


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Posted : Sunday, 01 October 2017, 16:08
I don't know WTF is going on any more.

I reckon if aliens have ever come to invade earth, they've clocked what we're doing to each other and gone "nah, ain't wasting lasers on that lot - we'll just come back in a couple of years when they've all killed each other".
Posted : Monday, 02 October 2017, 00:02
Looks like they are heading for the independance route... Which doesnt surprise me in the slightest from yesterdays dreadful antics from the Spanish militia... Because thats what they are!

The twats even attacked fire fighters who were trying to protect some of the protesters... Just obscene, nothing less!

And where is the EU in all of this? Has anything been said from them?

Twats like Junker and his cronies are quick to stand on podiums mocking us for wanting to leave their shitty club, they are quick to jump on the "UK isnt doing enough" with these Brexit negotiations bandwagon... Yet, a member state is kicking the shite out of "citizens of the union" and what.... Nowt... Fucking nowt... No condemnation or anything but to be fair, these are the same people that let Greeces civilians end up without a pot to piss in, so, really, shouldnt expect anything less from the self righteous bastards! /rant

Article 20(1) of the Lisbon Treaty, they may as well scrub that bit because it's obviously a pile of shite!!!


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Posted : Tuesday, 03 October 2017, 00:18
Well... There we go then...

So Spain is having it's biggest constitutional crisis in living memory, it's police attacked it's own citizens and members of other emergency services , awful scenes broadcast all over the world, there's more action on the way through a general strike in Catalonia, it could get really rough if Madrid implement Article 155 of their constitution while Catatonian officials declare independence , the potential here is immense... And barely a murmur from the EU, blind eye's well and truly turned... Yet:-


Let's have a collective pop at the Brits!!!

I knew it me, bloody knew that would happen!


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