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Socoder -> Wednesday Workshop -> #071 - The One Button Challenge

Posted : Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 16:53
Wednesday Workshop #071 : The One Button Challenge
Time until Deadline

Week : 18 October 2006
The Reason : We've done this before! But not in the Wed.Workshop!

The Challenge : Make a game that uses only one button! Preferably Spacebar, or a Mousebutton.. A nice easy to access button, that can be pushed.. like a button.. (You may use Esc to quit.)

Extra Info
No up, no down, no left, no right, no Mouse co-ords, no nothing..
Just One Button.

And Esc to quit.

Weekly Rules/How to Enter
You have until Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning 00:00 BST to submit your levels. ^ See Deadline Link! ^

Wed.Workshop is at SoCoder.co.nr. If you can read this, you're already there!

Stick your entry underneith this post. (I'll get round to uploads, sometime, honest!)

If you can't figure it out, send it to Jayenkai@Gmail.com and I'll stick it straight onto the SoCoder (Official Wed.Workshop) site.

Entries will be collected during the week, and entered into next week's voting. (If there are any entries..)
All entries will be entered into voting which will take place once a voting system has been organised..

Please try to keep all entries within small file sizes. 2Mb absolute maximum.
Additional Rules are available at the SoCoder (Official Wed.Workshop) site, under the list of previous workshops.
(Click the Wed.Workshop thing, over on the left!)

Last Week's Games
Last week things fell apart a little bit more, and there were two entries.
But TNT was disqualified, on account of his "game" was even less of a game than Magicman's "game". So Magicman won, but only just..

Will this week be normal? Probably not!
Lets see if we can get a few entries, this week, eh?

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Posted : Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 17:07
hmm, this should be entertaining......
Posted : Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 17:55
doesn't staring count as interaction?

maybe this week I'll enter something normal... maybe.

What if this were not a hypothetical question?
Posted : Wednesday, 18 October 2006, 04:54
I've just started mine, and fairly quickly realised that a multiplayer mode would be fun..

If you're making a multiplayer game, you may use an extra button per player.

But each player can only ever use their single button!

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Posted : Wednesday, 18 October 2006, 09:36
Hmm.. one button.... if only i was creative XD

I will think and think and think until i can think of an easy game that i can wedge onto one button.. hmmmm...
Posted : Saturday, 21 October 2006, 20:36
One-button missile command. Space to shoot, space to detonate.

Feel free to mess with the constants to see if you can make it work better or what.

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Posted : Tuesday, 24 October 2006, 16:55
Congrats, Diablo. You win this week's workshop!
Have another cigar!

(For future reference, Diablo's current avatar is Columbo smoking a cigar.. I'm not being strange or anything!)

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