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Created : 27 August 2007

TorrentSpy Blocks Searches From US Visitors

I just think it's interesting how they get around the "No logs kept, so we can't give you no data" thing by ordering the information stored in RAM - that's amazing!

Bit harsh on the US - BitTorrent can be used for legal things, like things that have expired from copyright, public domain, etc. Maybe they could just warn US users - "don't download the copyrighted stuff - the MPAA is really, honestly, watching you! Stick to public domain "

Anyway, in this bit, the MPAA paid a hacker $15,000 to steal e-mail correspondence and trade secrets.

Goes to show, what's illegal isn't an issue to the Motion Picture Assoc. of America - it's their cash.

Just interested. I'm too tired for a whole Torrent good/bad debate, so I won't this time.



Monday, 27 August 2007, 09:35
Torrent sites like that one are definately on the wrong side of the law, though.
A site like UKNova.com which tries it's hardest to keep on the right side of the law, allowing only "Things which cannot be legally purchased" to be uploaded, has it's place.. I'm glad that I can grab my UK TV Shows without having to install POS "Timeshift" software that sneakily steals all your bandwidth... Like the Sky one..

But TorrentSpy, Mininova, PirateBay and co. They really don't care what goes up, and I'm sure a larger backlash than this is inevitable.
Having said that, isn't it about time the MPAA and co started to go for the sites, as opposed to the users?
Monday, 27 August 2007, 09:41
Thanks, I didn't know about that UKNova one. The hard-to-get stuff is usually what I'm interested in. Modern day blockbusters are rubbish, so I'm after stuff like rare performances of bands unavailable as CD (like done off vinyl) and rare video footage of bands (I'm 91.3% through a rare Rage Against the Machine video today!) and stuff which is almost (or maybe is, I dunno) expired from copyright anyway, like old Hitchcock films.

|edit| Aw, I click sign up and get "UKNova is currently full. Try again in the future"! |edit|
Monday, 27 August 2007, 10:57
I agree with Jay. Not too long ago PirateBay was fighting the Swedish police because they added it to a national internet filter as they were hosting torrents for paedophilia.
Monday, 27 August 2007, 11:04
Paedophilia ! ... F**king Noncy bastards !.
Monday, 27 August 2007, 11:05
I heard that in the end it was just regular adult material!

But, you are right. I've found a good list of 100% legal sites now, like those with artists who are share friendly. I didn't get around to watching the world's first open movie either, so I got a fast torrent for that, which is cool.

But I still find that the legal issues between Torrent sites and the MPAA are fascinating, so I'll still have an ear out to catch the latest.