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View Topic : Zip It
My archive software favorite is 7z, it's at least comparable to WinRar if not better at compressing most files and it's free. BTW, it will also decompress .rar files as well as many other compression formats.

I haven't used WinRar in years so I can't say anything about it's UI but, 7z is just a right click on any file or selection of files to compress.

View Topic : Colouring for Adults
You might want to make your own using The Sobel Function

View Topic : Something Stinks
Here's one way to eliminate the smell from your dog.

View Topic : HoloDeck?
I really don't know how to convey the concept to you in a way that you can accept.

It is your contention that 27 bytes of info are needed to be loaded for every atom in the entire database for one 1024x768 screen/frame.

What I'm saying is that only the screen res times two 64-bit Ints (16 bytes) are needed be streamed per atom in view (on the screen). The rest of the required information is stored in RAM. Each atom has access to color (4 bytes), normals(12 bytes), position (12 bytes) from data already in memory (envision massively indexed look-up tables). You don't need peta-bytes to store that kind of information in RAM. You only need to store what's necessary for 'X' number of frames at a given resolution, only for visible atoms (1024x768/frame), not for every atom available in the database. What's more, much of that information will be redundant, one shiny spot will have similar if not the same values no matter where it is on screen.

I think Euclideon will be very tight lipped about their search algo, it appears to be very fast for 3D data.

View Topic : HoloDeck?
What if the 'atoms' contain most of the pixel information needed in the data base/structure, surely you wouldn't want to re-load or re-calc that information. Maybe you could try to envision the majority of the needed rendering information as a matter of using the right pointers to the different parts of the data. The 'position' is the pixel position on screen, not necessarily calc'd at runtime to render the scene, only an elevation and atom index is needed at any given screen position.

View Topic : HoloDeck?
The infinite resolution is definitely marketing hype.

But as far as data needed per second of animation is not as extreme as Shroom Monk would have you believe. He's basing most of his assumptions from existing 3D polygon based rendering. With the right database model/data structure, most of the info he insists must be present and transferred is just a look up away.

If they're just polarized glasses, wouldn't the illusion be interrupted, by what you don't see with your peripheral vision?

View Topic : HoloDeck?
Well if you take the guys explanation at face value, he stated that they've developed an advanced 3D search algorithm to make it all work.

It's not too hard to imagine if you consider that all of their imagery is just dots on a screen. At 1024x768 screen res there's only 736K of pixels to update per frame. So with a sufficiently advanced search algo to retrieve only the pixels you can see (think z-buffer). Then it's entirely possible to stream the visible pixel info from disk. That amounts to 1024*768 * 24fps = 18,874,368 bytes per second. Well within the transfer rates of modern hard drive sub-systems. So, -IF- they have such a search algorithm, it's definitely within the realm of possibility, IMHO.

View Topic : Uploads
My bad

Uploaded to SoCoder

IFS Viewer 3

View Topic : Generating Mazes
This will generate the type of maze you want.

Just fiddle with the setting a bit.

View Topic : Happy Birthday Joe
Happy B'day from stateside of the pond!

View Topic : Transfer form data to online image
Hi all,

I'm trying to find out how to go about developing or having some one develop a script (java, php, ruby, ...) that will

1) take the information from a populated form on the web and then populate an image of a business form with the aforementioned web form data.

2) create a canvas on the web that will accept the signature from the client using the mouse.

3) provide full documentation and fully commented source code for the job.

It seems to me that this should be very straight forward job, however I don't have any web experience.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this? How much should something like this cost to have developed?


View Topic : Rar vs Zip
7zip is a new variation of zip which out performs and usually compresses better than zip or rar. As mentioned 7zip is free, and it also decompresses .rar's, bzips, tars, zips as well.

View Topic : PlayMyCode: Tentacle thingies
Very nice graphics!

Looks very similar to what jkrankie did:

View Topic : Any good books, lately?
George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" (5 book series).

Excellent writing, awesome character development, and stuff to make you empathize with characters.

All in all a great read.

View Topic : How to: Hafnium
Forget about the Oslo blast. A matter/anti-matter explosion is the principle behind atomic and hydrogen bombs. Think megaton yields.

Glad to hear you and where ever your at didn't go 'POOF!'

View Topic : Nice fading effect
You could also do something like this.


That's assuming your need an 'alpha' value between 0.0 and 1.0. If you need a percent then multiply 'alpha' by 100. If you nee d a value between 0-255 then multiply 'alpha' by 255.

View Topic : How to: Hafnium
Here's a link to describe a magnetic confinement device. In this particular instance it's about keeping 20 million degree Celsius plasma from touching anything else.

View Topic : File Manipulation
Glad it all worked out for you.

Getting the data into arrays was the toughest part (and it wasn't all that hard).

View Topic : File Manipulation
Here's what it sounds like you want.


View Topic : Image rotation?
A quick and dirty way to fill in the gaps is to plot a 2x2 rect instead of a single pixel.

The drawback is that your image may be slightly distorted due to the way the rects overlap.


View Topic : Blitz 2D and 3D Printing
Why not make the instructions in the form of an HTML file? Even if you don't know HTML you can type up the instructions in Word or Open Office doc and save as a web page.

Then the user just clicks on the help button/menu item and your program opens up the HTML in the person's browser. Once the HTML is opened the user can use the browser's "Print Preview" to see how many pages will be printed and also allow them to print "selected pages" (e.g. pages 2,4,7...).

View Topic : Test needed.
Just the footer showing here also.


View Topic : backuping up loads of files to dvd...??
I bought a Kingston 'DataTraveler 200' 128GB USB drive for $42 - 3 weeks a ago. I looked for the same drive today, and the lowest price is $275, so I won't recommend you spend that much. However you can get a 32GB USB drive for $49 here...

(bottom of right side-bar)

I believe that DVD's are too fragile to store important information, and a USB drives can plug into just about any computer and you don't need any special software.

Just my .02

View Topic : Level storage?
@Mog: Yeah, in the good ol' days (c64 era) everything was stored in nybbles and bytes. The worst part was that if you didn't write some type of editor, you had to do the binary translating yourself.

View Topic : Level storage?
Why not store your values (0-15) as eight 4-bit values per unsigned long?

To encode or decode would be rather trivial using the "<<", ">>", "&" operators in C, and would reduce storage requirements to only 12.5% of original.

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