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View Topic : Buy Zelda
Spent a good couple of hours (ffs!) watching a bunch of that guy's videos, going right back to early 2015.
Some CRAZY theories, but others that were totally spot on.

Spotting a "teepee" back in Nov 2015!!? Blimey!!

View Topic : Buy Zelda
*watches about an hour of tubage*
*plays another few hours of Zelda*

God damnit!!!!

I notice that one of the scenic views now has a large flag at its point. (The one near your house, when you get it!)
I wonder if the other flags symbolise other significant places..?

View Topic : Buy Zelda
You've not bought a house, yet!?

View Topic : Buy Zelda
That's the horsey-dude thing, right?!

Yeah, I've ran away from a few of those!!!

View Topic : Buy Zelda
> Reveal 🔎

View Topic : Buy Zelda
Managed to get to my penultimate tower, today. Ridgeland Tower.
It's a pain-in-the-arse one, with all the magic fairy bastards floating around a giant pool.
Plenty of elixers, and oodles of stamina to rapid-climb the tower ASAP, and I just about managed to get to the top.

> Reveal 🔎

My last tower is on the top right, surrounded by lava and evil and shit.
Apparently it's not as bad as some of the other towers, but I imagine it's not going to be easy to get there.

After that... More Shrines, and then I suppose I've got to play the actual game.

View Topic : Repetitive Blogging
Writing a daily blog, when you're mostly housebound, and do nothing but coding all day.. .. Makes for a very repetitive blog..

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One

Been tweaking the floor collision for most of today.
Everything seems to be working well enough, now, that you can hop along the level reasonably well.

Next I need to add baddies to avoid, collectables to gather, and design a main character that isn't a blue hedgehog!!!

View Topic : A New Korg Gadget!
Yup.. Big piano part, ripe for a keyboard..

.. But AL's "Sonically Palace" was actually finished about 3 days before I got the KORG microKEY!

View Topic : SNES Mini?
If you can get one!!!

View Topic : TinyBlocks
That's awesome!!

View Topic : A New Korg Gadget!
A microReview for microKEY Air

I haven't touched a keyboard since the last time I had my main keyboard hooked up to my desktop PC. .. and I haven't had a desktop PC for about 5 years.
And even then, I was barely a competent player in the slightest.
To suggest I'm not a keyboardist is a bit of an understatement.

But I've been thinking about getting one of these for quite a while, for a number of reasons.
First, it'd allow for a little more "personality" in my ALChoons.
Second, it'd be good practice. I could really do with some kind of performance-based skill!
And third, if I lug my huge Casio out, I need a plug for the Casio, a midi lead, a midi to USB device and a USB to Lightning connector..
It's not exactly "lie in bed, grab keyboard, play" methodology!

So, yesterday I ordered one.


I grabbed the microKEY Air 25, which has just over 2 octaves of keys, and fits snugly enough in front of the iPad. If I'd've gone for a larger size, it probably would've been a little unweildly. This is a nice fit for bed-based Choonage.

The device is rather weighty for what it is. Feels about 2.5 times the weight of the iPad Air 2, and length wise is about 1.5 times as wide.
Keys are "comfortable" sized. Not as teensy as my oldskool childhood Casio toy keyboard (which I was expecting). They're a nice midsize between that and a full-size key.
Each key has a nice amount of travel, and give a decent amount of velocity data when played.


The little joystick on the left of the board lets you use it for all manner of things. You need to open a tweak utility in Windows, change the setting to whatever midi parameters you'd like the joystick to send, then save the parameters to the keyboard.
I initially found it to be muting my audio if I touched it.. not sure what that was about, so I had to disable it.. now it simply acts as a pitch bend.
The smoothness on the little analogue joystick isn't great, from a "used to joypad thumbsticks" point of view. It's a bit "too" springy towards the centre, so requires a little force before it moves, at which point you've overshot the target and it's fllnged to full!!

Function Buttons

There's four extra buttons on the device. Two for moving up and down an octave at a time, which is handy. This means you get the full midi range, even though you only have 25 keys.
After that is a sustain button.. Although you need to hold the button down to use it, it does it's job well enough.
There's also an Arpeggiator button, but that seems fairly redundant when you consider that Gadget already does a lot of handy stuff, especially when using the Kingston gadget.


To hook it up to the PC, for setting tweaks, you connect a USB cable.
For the iPad, however, you pop in a couple of AA batteries, switch on Bluetooth mode (physical switch on the side), and boot up a compatible app. (I think just KORG apps.. not sure.. haven't got anything else at hand to try it!!)
The app handles connectivity, rather than iOS.
Once connected (relatively painless, simply click the connect button!) you're good to go.
To disconnect, simply toggle the physical switch on the keyboard to disable Bluetooth, and you're done.


So.. how is it in use?
It's alright!
I need to learn to hammer the keys, or at the very least go back afterwards and reset all the recorded velocities!
Lag-wise, I'm not really noticing anything bad. With the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum keyboard, lag was noticeable, but here it's all but hidden, which is great.

Over the coming weeks/months,I'm going to be retraining the keyboard playing part of my brain, and will hopefully get up to a decent ability soon.
It's nice to have a keyboard to play on!

Only time will tell whether it's any use to me!!


ALChoon : MicroKEY Air Test
All velocities have been reset, and Gadget's quantiser has neatened up my unskilled timings!!

Amazon : MicroKEY 2 - 25 Air
Price at time of post, £82.

|update| Bloody 'ell, GarageBand took ages to download!!
Keyboard works with GarageBand, too, so I assume it'll also work with any other BluetoothMidi compatible app. |update|

View Topic : A New Korg Gadget!
I treated AL, this week.
Highslide JS

View Topic : Steampunk Lamp
Shame there's no commentary. I like commentary on my DIY vids. Otherwise you might as well just stick it on a webpage..

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
..And so begins another game.

Started, yesterday, making a generator for the green grass tiles.
Today I got the game engine working, with nice smooth-ish flowing, randomly generated floors, which collide accurately with the player, as they oughta.

Next I need to come up with a main character sprite, and then a plan of exactly what type of game it is that I'm making!!

View Topic : Weather in Games
You'd probably need to find a decent worldwide weather outlet that lets you use it's data. That'd be the trickiest part, I'd imagine.

View Topic : Finishing Off

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
Damn you, Level 71!!!

A quirk of having to recode the level generator at such a late stage in the game, and in a different language (Blitz Max vs Monkey!) meant that in a number of levels (first noticeable on level 71) the crates don't always move together in the level generator, whilst they do in the game.
Essentially, the generator was leaving behind one of the crates, thus making the game-edition completely impossible.


I've had to fix this issue and re-upload everything.
If you downloaded the game prior to this post, go get it again, and it'll be fixed!

Silly me, for not having tested 71 levels before releasing it!!!

View Topic : Finishing Off
No procrastinating here! I'm all about the coding.. nothing can stop me, or drag me away from the task at hand.

> Reveal 🔎

View Topic : Pakz iPad
The Midi tests were simply that... A test.. In all honesty, none of the tests resulted in a worthwhile midi file, so I wouldn't bother.

If Win10 would run it, I'd still be using my Free copy of Cakewalk Express from a PCPlus coverdisk, around 2002..
But it no longer runs..

Not really sure what's the best tool for Midi, but FLStudio is a crazy expensive way to test midi output!
I'm fairly sure there's a decent free Midi tool out there, somewhere.
It's just a case of finding it.

FWIW : Gadget will output .midi, but only an instrument at a time (or a bulk of x-many midi files, one for each instrument)
Again, I've yet to find a good midi editor, though, to start fiddling with those files.

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
New menu integrated, with 100 packs of 5 levels..
But it's a very key/pad based menu navigation system.
If I ever want to release this on iOS, it'll need a whole bunch of tweaks to the menu, and control scheme.

View Topic : Pakz iPad
Oh, yeah, I see what you mean..
Hmm.. I wonder if they broke that in an update, or whether it's always been like that and I'd just not noticed..
Pretty sure I used it before.

View Topic : Pakz iPad
In case you didn't know..

View Topic : Finishing Off
It's what you call it when you give up, and release whatever's there!

View Topic : Pakz iPad
Yeah, I disabled Cloud storage for Gadget. The damn thing's bloody huge, and with all those ALChoons, it sure does mount up.

You can use the Dropbox export to export lovely .wav files, then grab and compress on the PC, instead.
I also had that "won't log in" issue in Gadgetcloud for ages, but unfortunately can't remember how it was resolved..

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