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View Topic : Win8 Preview
Hey guys, yeah I'm still around.

I haven't looked much into the new Windows 8 (no I'm not going to try the demo), but... this Metro thing, is it supposed to allow apps to run on a PC _and_ tablets / smartphones too? That would sound pretty cool - but they need to get the interface right, and intuitive. Sorry Windows, the iPhone did do that right (very right). Plus, it might work better if they were in some kind of emulator-looking program, instead of being apps in themselves. But I dunno.

I'm a bit skeptical of buying Windows 8, especially after the flop that Microsoft had with Vista. With all the changes they made under the hood, much of it caused problems. But I was surprised at how fast Windows 7 became a reality. I only heard of it and like a month later it was the norm - which was critical because Vista wasn't passing the test. I'm thinking that this may happen again, and Windows 9 won't be that far off. Maybe Microsoft needs this / intends for this to happen, as it really lets them see how people like the changes to Windows.

So I'll hold my opinions on Windows 8 until it becomes widely available and the normal for new systems.

View Topic : Learning WebDev
On the subject of learning SQL, I also found it pretty much useless - until I got into web development. SQL doesn't become powerful until you're working with it through your code, instead of a command prompt. From your PHP pages you can easily siphon data from your tables, organize it with your queries, and utilize it to your needs extremely easily. Then you get into writing your queries based on code variables, and it becomes more powerful.

SQL is also ideal in a language like PHP, because you don't have to keep reloading data to use it. As soon as the page is done displaying, the 'application thread' of your PHP file ends, so loading constant-use data isn't worth it.

Hope this helps

View Topic : Steam Hack
Guess I'm lucky I never purchased anything on there. Only signed up to get Portal 1 free (when it was available).

View Topic : Graphics Libraries
The only way I know to learn any of these is to rely on online sources such as tutorials and documentation. That may be the largest factor in choosing which library you choose, because if you can't find help on something its that much harder to use (if you can at all).

From my personal experience, OpenGL is full-featured but hard to learn. DirectX I don't know of many knowledge sources. Irrlicht I've used once but didn't learn much from. I haven't ever used any of the others - I used Blitz3D primarily, it handled everything I needed. Not sure how much that'll help you, but that's my experience.

View Topic : Candy from a baby
Afro, I think you missed the point of the article. Someone had gotten ahold of someone's phone, who had been killed, and was using it. They even deleted messages from their inbox, making the parents believe the girl was still alive.

View Topic : Candy from a baby
What I don't understand is, this happened some 8-9 years ago, phones weren't too capable back then. If this is a legitimate, large business, couldn't these people afford their own cellphones?

View Topic : Colours
That would have taken up a whole lot of server space...

good find

View Topic : Portal 2 Spoilery/Discussion Stuff
The dialogue in the first one was good, too. For example, "If you feel thirsty, feel free to pass out. An associate will come shortly to assist you." Yeah when? In a thousand years? lol

View Topic : Insane Lego Ball trip!
I had legos as a kid too - a big bucket of them. I discovered that if you shook the bucket for long enough, the larger pieces would float to the top, and smaller pieces sunk to the bottom. Basic settling theory, since all the pieces were the same density, but it made it a whole lot easier to find the pieces I was after.

View Topic : Luvly Weather
Around my area its been rain, rain and more rain - oh, and lightning through the night. My wife jumps every time it flashes so she has to keep the light on... lots of sleepless nights for me!

We're supposeedto be getting more rain too, so looks like the area will be under flooding by the end of it all.

View Topic : Portal 2 Spoilery/Discussion Stuff
Shroom, I found that to be true, unfortunately you had to have a working version of Half Life 2, which I don't, in order to use Hammer. There was an in-game editor, a kind of hacked-in type editor, not by Valve, but the controls and effects were limited - but better than nothing!

View Topic : Portal 2 Spoilery/Discussion Stuff
I was interested in the first portal since the first time I saw it. After playing it for a while (got it free from a steam special) I'm interested in Portal 2, but too bad I can't afford it. Portal 2 should be a fun game, especially the cooperative levels. But I hope it will include a level editor so players can create their own challenges.

View Topic : Insane Lego Ball trip!
I liked where they separated the basketballs from the soccer balls... too bad they didn't actually do anything with them after that.

This guy should be hired to build a factory!

View Topic : scrap the forum?
What about a button on the shouts to let people save shout posts? Hmm... well, if we make the shoutbox threaded, we could move shouts with lots of replies to the forum, once the shout group is left alone long enough.

...or, maybe a 'save section' could work better too, because some shouts are lengthy but not important.

Ya know, I've seen some forum posts turn into a pretty fast series of posts before. I'll be replying to one person and 4 others have replied by the time I'm finished. But... yeah

View Topic : Government Shutdown
I read an article a few months ago about what Republicans do in order to win elections. Basically they filibuster every major legislature so that the government can't do anything. This makes the whole government look bad (they like doing it more when democrats are in control), and levels the playing field at election time. The Democrats, meanwhile, are trying to at least get some positive changes to take place.

This whole shutdown thing looks like another way for Republicans to sour people's view of the government.

View Topic : Is this really news?!
On the subject of IBM projects, what would someone ever use more computing power for, at least these days? Assuming a million dollar computer setup could comprehend and answer complex problems in real-time, what would a 10-million dollar computer be able to do?

It seems we have approached a point in computers where computing power isn't a limit, but coming up with the code to manage it is. Perhaps computers will be able to begin solving problems of various complexities at that point.

View Topic : Design : A better programming file format
I think it would be neat to insert images into the text of code, for the purpose of better documentation. I've had instances where I'd like to describe the objective of code using an image, instead of describing it using text.

On the other hand, perhaps a message like "refer to example.jpg in the code folder" might work too. ... But still, it'd look better.

View Topic : Is this really news?!
I think its really a matter of how Walter was built. I mean, if it already has all the facts organized into different subjects, then it wouldn't be hard for a program to manage all the Jepoardy questions. If, on the other hand, it only had pages from different encyclopedias which it had to scan for, and then sort out what pieces to collect, it might be quite a bit harder. I dunno...

I still think its being over-hyped a bit.

View Topic : Choosing a programing language
Afro, that sucks, but I'm sure one could devise a work-around. If the connections reach the limit, you could use a tree system, where new players are connected to other players with a good connection. Data can then pass through that connection. If the middle-link player disconnects or is lost, the second-level player could reconnect. You would have to leave one or more connection slots open on the server for new connections, and 'instruct' them to connect though other players as needed.

I think it could work!

View Topic : Honeymoon Ideas
My wife and I also stayed at a cabin, which was nice. We only stayed for one night, but the day after our wedding was Easter.

View Topic : Virtual machine / assembler design
This might not be the route you wanted to go, but I had an idea of an assembler with a different approach: the plan was to keep it simple yet capable. Graphics and keyboard operations were handled by a device command; memory was managed like an array (or blitz bank), and could be expanded as needed. I didn't get too awfully far with it though...

And I don't really know much about writing a virtual machine either!

View Topic : Clean Your Machine
My dad owns several rental homes, and I've helped him clean them several times when I was younger. I remember having to clean the walls and ceilings - they had yellow tar from the renters smoking inside. Its as if we were cleaning the lungs off the walls of the place. Its pretty sad how people continue smoking despite all the health problems.

View Topic : Clean Your Machine
I've heard that sawdust and the like is harmless to your harddrive, yet cigarette smoke will kill it faster than anything. Its particles are smaller, allowing it to get into the small holes of the drive.

And to think, my mom is insistent on "don't ever put anything on top of the box, it'll make it overheat!"

View Topic : PixelPaton gets F'd in the A'
That would actually be neat if this guy was trying to function as a publisher, providing the game owners with a share of the profits. But he is obviously spreading copyright work - and making money from it, and then trying to tell people its legal.

View Topic : I can't believe what I just saw !
For a system like that, I wouldn't be worried about how them being hooked up to the internet, I would be worried about what other programs have snuck their way into the systems, and then able to sneak off with credit card data.

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