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Invasion V ... Prototype


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View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!

View Topic : More Monkey Madness - With Ducks
I get about 2FPS on my olde machine.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
He's got a TARDIS in his pocket.

View Topic : Family
Annnnnnd breathe.

View Topic : RIP - Sir Roger Moore
"No Mr Bond. I expect you to die!"

And he did.

Awwwwww. RIP

View Topic : Manchester Arena Explosion
I.S. have claimed responsibility.

View Topic : Manchester Arena Explosion

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
I don't know about anyone else, but I've never used the "gardenbar" buttons, so re/moving them (other than leaving a nice empty space) wouldn't bother me one little bit.

View Topic : Family
Shit happens.

However sometimes the rest (I nearly typed "break" then ) can do you good.

View Topic : Any Feature Requests?
Maybe have a small, random selection of your games available to play online? Have them visible, rather than buried in posts or diverting to AGameAWeek. Dunno.

The site pretty much already has everything I want from it. We're all pretty old-school, do we really need anything that takes away from what the site/forum is all about?

Remember; all this additional work isn't necessarily going to attract more users to the site (it might, but is the extra effort worth it?)

View Topic : Switch - Mini Dock
Yep, that really is how it should have been from the beginning. Maybe Nintendo were worried about them falling out and getting damaged. But yeah, nice

View Topic : Time for a new Android Test Doohickey
Working with your own games is definitely the main thing.

While there are emus on-board, you might be able to update these or even replace them if you choose. There are loads of great Android emulators available - commercial and free, so don't write them off just yet.

Anyway, it's a nice looking machine and there really isn;t a better feeling than getting your game running on new hardware

View Topic : Star Trek : Discovery
Wow, that sucks. Hopefully the show won't.

View Topic : Star Trek : Discovery
And here's the actual trailer -

View Topic : Star Trek : Discovery
I've not seen mention of Star Trek here for a while, so here's info/screenies about the new one coming this Autumn - Linkage

View Topic : Time for a new Android Test Doohickey
I noticed they are selling the psp vita for 450 euro here.

Is that for a PSP OR Vita? Either way that is a rip off. You can pick up a PSP here for less than £50 and a Vita for £100. GAME had brand new PSPs ("Go" and "Lites") for £40 at one point.

They are both great machines - for gaming and emulation, but I prefer the (original) Vita for it's super bright OLED screen. Lovely for TxK (and everything else tbh).

View Topic : Time for a new Android Test Doohickey

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
Sounds like things are still moving though. And think how much easier it will be to maintain in the future

View Topic : New Card..
I've been there and done that myself Jay. This is not uncommon.

Proof that the online world really hasn't caught up with the way that people really want/need to use it. If I'm using their site, let me do absolutely EVERYTHING that I could do if I were to pick up the phone and talk to their customer service. FFS.

View Topic : GamerBlock
I kind of like those Titan figures - look better than the Funko Pops. Shame he's got scuff marks on his face!

I've got a range of metal Star Wars things just like that K9 - be aware, that metal is SHARP!!! And the tabs and holes are indeed very tiny. You need to make these in nice bright light too, otherwise they do your eyes and head in - headache FTW due to eyestrain and concentration. They are very nice once complete though.

Shame the TARDIS on that mug wasn't a bit darker in colour - it looks a bit washed out. A colour changing mug where the TARDIS appears and disapppears would be cool too. Maybe next time, eh?

And I agree - shame about the "Dreamer" text.

No pin badge? That's a first for these box things!

View Topic : Goaty
It's about spotting a need and acting upon it for the benefit of all.

View Topic : Time for a new Android Test Doohickey
The GPD XD is the one I'd go for too - it's been talked about on the Pandora forums as a fairly good machine.

View Topic : Buy Zelda

Bomb arrows are indeed just a little bit good. OK, I lied. They are ace!

View Topic : New Sitcoms
That does indeed look more than a bit good

This looks interesting too -

View Topic : Buy Zelda
How can you not find the towers? They're pretty much all visible from anywhere. Use the binoculars/zoom and then create a beacon on any dark tower you can see - this will be imprinted on your map and you can then use that to navigate when you cant see a tower directly.

I always found that I could see a tower, but getting to it/them was tricky.

TBH having Ravali's Gale (jump boost) will REALLY help with a couple of towers...

Anyway, I really miss still having towers and shrines to find 39)(

|edit| Jay: you've not fixed/borked the cry emoticon...

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