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View Topic : Buy Zelda
I've now completed 113 shrines, got 130+ seeds and beaten 3 Divine Beasts. And I don't want it to end 39)(

I've travelled the world a few times over and am still finding new things that I missed. There's still 760+ seeds for a start...

Have you fought a Lynel yet Jay? Ffffffuuuuuu....

View Topic : TinyBlocks

View Topic : Finishing Off
Funny you should mention that Jay...

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One

View Topic : Who Hype 2017
I knew it was coming soon, but not this soon!

Still, I (deliberately) missed the whole series last season. Maybe the next Doctor will tickle my fancy more. I got tired of the old glasses and guitar routine two seasons ago.

View Topic : REM Document 6
LOL. If it comes to nukes, North Korea go bye-bye. Everyone else would be OK. Maybe. But it's been an honour and a pleasure to be acquainted to everyone here

View Topic : Buy Zelda
All four shrines can be seen from the top of the first tower IIRC. Look for orange glows. You can teleport back to the tower (or any shrine) at any time.

I've just completed my 100th shrine (20 left) and defeated two Divine Beasts.

As for clues, nope. Other than following the beeps on your slate (which aren't very helpful tbh).

View Topic : Little World
The world is a tiny place - until you actually have to go out into it!

Good luck and get in there Dabz!

View Topic : Jackbox Party Pack 3
Why on earth not have it completely stand alone with the option for multiplayer over the net. D'oh!

That sounds like a mega fuck up to me. You just know that they'll close the server in six months once negative reviews kill any sales. And those poor souls that did buy it won't be able to play it.

TBH (and IMHO) none of the games actually sounds like much fun (as presented); better off getting 1-2 Switch and I wouldn't recommend that to anyone, even as a freebie.

View Topic : GamerBlock

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
I think most seasoned coders have a Sokoban game in their portfolio. I've got two - one for pc years ago, and the other for the Nintedo DS/3DS using Petit Computer.

I made a few levels, myself, but most were based on other people's games.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
That uber-sword won't make much of a difference, I'm afraid...

I've not had to use help on any of the shrines, but there are indeed some that are pure eveil genius. A fair few ave been bastardly hidden too, requiring hours of searching to find, even when using the tracker.

> Reveal 🔎

I'm at 93 shrines now, with 123 Korok seeds. And still loving every minute.

View Topic : QOTD : Time Sucking Games
Zelda for me too. And Plants Vs Zombies 2 (I'm still playing it since it first released, as they constantly update and add to it). With those two games, I'm completely stuffed for any free time.

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
Looks good

View Topic : TinyBlocks
Looks great

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
Anything stolen from Bruce Lee is good

I expected more of a Space Panic type game when you posted the screenshots. Now I'm not sure what to expect!

View Topic : Buy Zelda
Buuuuuuuuy Zelllllda (and the Switch too, natch!)

You know you want to...

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Steve and Blanko
Merry Birthdaymas. Hope it's a good one fellas

View Topic : Buy Zelda
I tell you, the Switch really works for me. I can be in the same room as my family and pick up the Switch and play while they watch tv or even just mooch around looking for the next place to go for five minutes before putting it down. It's my dream machine.

I haven't played any game in the last few years like I have Zelda, due to work, family life and other things. It's absoultely perfect.

I still haven't actually connected it to my telly; it;s handheld all the way for me.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
That icon is the number of orbs collected but not changed into hearts/stamina vessels.

View Topic : Is Monkey2 3D?
"Press X to swim faster"

View Topic : New Pound Coin
I saw one yesterday, but haven;t had one yet.

They're VERY shiny aren't they.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
I got the Master Sword lat week. It's not anything special, other than it doesn't break. Sort of. It just runs out of energy which slowly recharges.

My Stats say -

Hearts - 16
Stamina - 2.6 wheels
Shrines - 84
Korok seeds - 112
Rupees - 5,637

"Played for 100 hours or more"

100 hours? I still haven't even done the first proper quest at the Zora domain yet! LOL

While I wouldn't pay £300+ for just a game, the money invested so far has definitely been more than worth it.

Enjoyment >>>>>>> outlay.

View Topic : GamerBlock
Lying gits!

I love that Boo & Pac ghost T-shirt. Everything else? Not so much.

A very poor selection this month. Shame. Never heard of the games though. Can't be arsed to look them up either.

View Topic : 80s Cartoon Mixes
Jamie was excellent - the cartoon and that remix. Don't care for Fireman Sam. And Raccoons? Well, that goes without saying. Awesome.

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