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View Topic : Laptop Aaargh...
Ahhhhh, the new laptop waste of a complete day routine. Doncha just love it?

View Topic : GamerBlock
Don't laugh - it might get stuck in customs again.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Spinal
We've got dogs, cats and guinea-pigs at the moment, but we've had loads of hamsters (Syrian and Russian), rabbits, birds, pygmy hedgehogs, rats, fish and sugar-gliders over the last 25 years.

Hamsters are great though

And yeah, cats; definitely happiest when on their own.

View Topic : Watch Switch - Fitbit Blaze
It's annoying that despite advertising and consumer laws these companies can still get away with feeding people shit.

View Topic : Watch Switch - Fitbit Blaze

View Topic : Watch Switch - Fitbit Blaze
Did you die between 11:00am and 12:00pm? The shock of the HD killed you?

View Topic : GamerBlock
Some good stuffage there on the whole and some not so much.

I've not heard of the game either.

View Topic : Laptop Aaargh...
It's no necessarily HP - remember they don't make HDs.

Here's a list of the current manufacturers and failure rates for Seagate, Hitachi and WD -

Ive had three or four HPs now, and while they've all died eventually, none have given any problems withing the first two or three years. The one I'm on now must be four years old (or nearly).

View Topic : London Car/Stab Incident

View Topic : London Car/Stab Incident
Resurrection exists! People can come back to life it would seem. Well, according to ITV they can.

7:00am 5 confirmed dead.
8:00am 4 confirmed dead.


View Topic : Laptop Aaargh...
Isn't it stil under warranty? You only got it last year, didn't you?

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Spinal
Many Happy Returns. Once you've put all those presents back together, it'll be time to cut the cake...

View Topic : Happy Birthday Evil Roy Ferguson
Let there be cake! Happy Birthday.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, TheRevillsGames
Curry then cake. You can have both you know!

View Topic : Ravetastically Awesome!
LOL at Dabz. Evil! I like it!

View Topic : B3ta - Old Gamers
Our type of games? - Linkage

View Topic : Happy Birthday, TheRevillsGames
Happy Birthday. May all your cake dreams become reality.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
For me, it definitely is a MUST HAVE game, but I've always been a Zelda fan.

There is a lot of traditional Zelda stuff missing that I'm disappointed about, eg the music, certain enemies, the hookshot and tri-force stuffage to name a few, but the new additions are excellent in their own right. Climbing a mountain then jumping off the top to paraglide to somewhere else, miles away, never gets old.

|edit| Weapons breaking every three seconds can be annoying, but they are easily replaced for the most part.

View Topic : GamerBlock
At least you know it's coming. Maybe it'll even arrive before next month's box

View Topic : GamerBlock

View Topic : Is Monkey2 3D?

View Topic : Ravetastically Awesome!
I bet they play loads of ©rap music.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
I'm not even close to wanting to do any of that stuff yet.

I'm just enjoyin duffing up the Guardians (yeah, right!), moblins and stuff and exploring. Finding the towers and shrines (and the little koroks) is pretty much all I've done. I've not even changed clothes other than the first pair of trousers (pewee!), although I have upped my heartage and stamina a fair bit. I've cooked some yummy stuff too keese wings and chips anyone?

It's awesome and just keeps getting better and better.

View Topic : Happy Birthday JL235
Merry Birthdaymas Greetings good sir.

View Topic : RIP : Joni Sledge
As if I'm that lucky!

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