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power mousey
Created : 07 December 2007

The Christmas Chopping

No, not a dark,gruesome horror movie
where a store employed Santa at Christmas goes crazy from
"Mall Madness" and starts chopping everybody with an axe.

And not neither a nice,wholesome nostalagic story down memory lane where my family..especially my dad and I bonded thru the experience of cutting down a Christmas tree or of buying one...or even the whole family setting one up and decorating it.

THE CHOPPING involves my wallet and budget.
Yet and hey! I did pretty good so far.
I got most of my Christmas done and this last sunday.
Bad day and time to go. But, for now on until Christmas day there will be crowds of cars, hordes of humans at the mall,
irate and irritable masses of sheep looking for their wools, and the like.
So this last Sunday and in two hours I got most of my presents and gifts for Christmas. So many people and so much noise and that nauseating subliminal Christmas jingle jangle in the background. I felt so noxious and claustrophobic most of the time.
But I kept focused and strived thru the crowds like
a Roller Derby skater and also imagined I was playing
a FPS game. First Person Shopper game.
I even bought something for myself. And as a reward for putting up with all this craziness too.

Today, I have to go back to the Temple of Tinsel
and the Magical Emporium where the magic and mystery is getting products for over priced amounts of shelkels and coins. Just one more present!.....
Yet, along the way I will get my much needed haircut.
And that will be both a small gift and blessing towards me.