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power mousey
Created : 13 December 2007

My Walk :)

Yes, just about 10 minutes ago
I went on for my walk.

Gotta say that I feel much better
and its shaken the cob webs out of my head.
Plus, I can breathe the less stale and dirty
air outside rather than inside my apartment.

I would jog and run like I used to
in cross country and track. But I have a bum
left foot from an accident many years ago.
I can stay run for awhile until it gets sore and hurt.
But I can still walk a lot and even walk fast too.

My route was a simple one.
I walked about a block or so around some of the
apartment area that I live in. And I walked up and down some stairs too.
Brings back memories of some years ago when I and my mom
used to walk together and 4 times a week. When we started out small for a few days...and then each day did a little more.
Thats how I'm going to do it. Although, I do go on some long walks now and then. Like a few dyas ago...I walked over to Walmart and south of the border to Taco Bell.
Thats about a little over 2 miles away from where I live.
So up and back thats 4 miles altogether.
Plus the walking in-between the various stores and buildings too.

I need the walking for the burning of fat and maintaining
weight loss, cardio vascular strength and endurance, and the toning and conditioning of the whole body. Especially the core area: abs, stomach,buttocks, and legs.

For sure I do it for my health.
But also for fun and pleasure too.
Also, its to think about things, get away from people and familar surroundings, and for the exploration and adventuring too.