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power mousey
Created : 02 February 2008

The Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugs

Jack come home from work. Threw off his tie and coat
on the couch and collapsed in the sofa chair. Damn bunch of stupid assholes at work. Ahhhhhhhhh, time to relax and even sleep.

"Honey, is that you?"

"Yes, dear. So tired"

"I'm sorry, honey. Dinner will almost be ready."

"Ahhh!!, okay. Give me a few minutes to rest"

After a few seconds, Jack was sound asleep. He had a rough and busy day at the office. Papers and forms to push and fill out. Known as the paper pusher geek at the company.
He didn't like that but was working his way towards the top. And one day, vengence will be mine, he sleepily thought.
He drifted further into the sleep. Starting to relax, feeling more pleaseant, peaceful, more calm. Even stronger
both mentally and physically. He even started to dream.

It started out with him peering over at the nothingness of the vast space and universe. Then stars and planets formed.
In vast swirls of cosmic dust and other blazingly bright but beautiful particles.
He tried to reach out and try to touch some but he found he had trouble moving. He could breathe just fine. But he couldn't move that much. It took great effort on his part
to move his arms and as well as his legs. At times, he felt a crushing weight over his body but also in his mind. It would come and go. But just enough for him to relax for a few hours at a time.

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Saturday, 02 February 2008, 18:35
power mousey
"What the hell was that!?", he thought.

That deep seated crushing weight that filled him with
fear and dread. He felt drops of sweat run down his forehead. He thought about these sensations and the feelings that overcame him. Why?, was he having them.
How come they come and go? Who or what is causing them
or is it just part of the dream. Who knows??

He cried out loud in anguish and for relief.
"Why is this happening to me!"

Shockingly, he saw the waves of his plead take form and crash thru like hurricane waves in the sea of Cosmic Space.
Stars collapsed, planets spun out of orbit, lights and other particles receded back to a point of singularity.
Even he saw boundaries of time and space uncurve and fold up and shrivel...where there was this greyish black background drop of nothingness.

Then suddenly a bright golden light appeared
and took the form of a beautiful woman.

Both shocked and amazed he yelled out, "What? Who the hell
are you?"

"Not Hell...not even Tartaurus darling. But Heaven..even Olympian, you could say"

"Huh, what?? Who..who are you?"

"I'm Hera...I'm Queen of the.."

"Huh, you mean Queen of the mythical gods??"

"Please do not interrupt immortal wisdom and knowledge

"oh, sorry I didn't mean to interrupt. Just shocked and dumbfounded"

"I know. Happens a lot among people when I reveal or express myself."

"um...who are you really?"

"I'm Hera. Queen of the gods/goddesses. Immortal Spirit
of both Wisdom and Knowledge"

"Aren't you wife to Zeus. Does he exist?"

"Sadly, he does. I'm both wife and sister to him"

"What, how can..wife and sister to Zeus"

"Don't dare question the actions of the gods!"

"um...sorry. I mean being both wife and sister.
What happpened and why?"

"Its a rather complicated. But in due time, I shall
tell you and reveal the ALL to you. Right now,
be at peace and be still."

And with that she touched him and they both saw time and space unfold and curve, and lights and particles coming back, cosmic dust swirling and stars forming and generating their heat and plasmas and planets forming and spinning in there perspective orbits and movements.
Jack felt stronger, having more energy, plus a new hope
and a new sense of strength and purpose.

"Hera, what just happened?"

"All in good time. Now rest and sleep"

Jack closed his eyes and began to sleep.
"A very good sleep"....he breathed sleepily.

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