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Created : 06 May 2007

So what am I doing here?

Communication is everything.
Not just when you're working in a team but also if you're the lone warrior that doesn't want to have much to do with other people (i.e. if you're John Carmack-like ^^).
That's why communities like socoder exist. It's all about the communication between people who share the same ideas and thoughts. People that are the same but different at the same time.
So what am I doing here? I want to communicate. Share my knowledge with others while others share their knowledge with me.
Some might call that "information exchange". I call it evolution.
That's why I am here.
That's why we're all here.



Tuesday, 08 May 2007, 16:48
power mousey
Sebe or now f4ktor....

first, in communicating
why the name f4ktor? f4k like in a 401k retirement
plan? And perhaps tor for the torque engine?
Any significance to your user name of f4ktor??


I agree with you completely. About communication
and also that people are the same but are different.
You got that definitely right. True.

Good luck.
Wednesday, 09 May 2007, 13:46
I think the 4 is supposed to be like an A and the k instead of a c for cool looks.

And then you have Factor
Wednesday, 09 May 2007, 16:53
power mousey

thank you Blitz3dman.

I'd rather hear from f4ktor himself.
Cause communication is cool.
And important too.

Yet, glad you answered my question.
Wednesday, 09 May 2007, 18:26
Well Blitz3Dman is almost right. Except that the k is not just a pseudo-cool c but "Faktor" is the way we in German write "factor". So basically it's the word "factor" in German with an 4 as a. Why did I chose that name/domain/etc.? I don't know. I think it was a bit inspired by the German demogame produkkt (a 3D FPS in 64k I think and yeah, there ar 2 "k"s).
Wednesday, 09 May 2007, 19:40
power mousey
hey, that sounds cool.

I like that.

Fakktor......and whoa!!

a 3D FPS IN 64k!?? how??

I also like Alien Faktor.
This site is cool.

Thursday, 10 May 2007, 03:52
I was mistaken. The FPS is named .kkrieger and it's 96k

Download it from this site:
Thursday, 10 May 2007, 04:02
power mousey
wow!! and whoa!!

this would be a very good game and application to
show off and run on the XGS. And also for the up n coming
XGS 2.

most definite thanks for the link, f4ktor.
Thursday, 10 May 2007, 05:30
Your welcome (as always) =)