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SteamWorks (Quality of game?)

4th March 2010



Favourite media player

1st March 2010

I'm with Blanko. iTunes for Music, VLC for video.

Honestly, I've never been disappointed with either.


Visual Object tracking

10th January 2010

A form of parallax? What does this post even mean?


Shortest Sudoku Solver

17th December 2009

I was directed by a friend of mine to this code on stackoverflow.com (great site, btw).

What the hell? I find it incredible that someone wrote and u*snip*


converting colours...

7th December 2009

Looks great except for a few white artifacts near the house.


To drink or not to drink!

5th December 2009

[quote]Nolan: Irish Mist? Isn't that Absinth?[/quote]

Nope, not at all. It's caramel liquor. Sweet with a burn.


To drink or not to drink!

5th December 2009

Unfortunately, I'm only 18. But *hypothetically* I would drink:

[imgs]https://www.1-877-spirits.com/store/images/large/Irish-Mist-Liqueur-lg.jpg[/imgs] (Hypothetically, if it were legal, I "would have" gotten a bottle for my birthday yesterday)

or *snip*


Why does everyone love PHP?

22nd November 2009

PHP is just so easy, and allows so much control over your site. I love Ruby on Rails too, but it made me realize why I loved the power of PHP. Granted, I hate the syntax ($ before variable names? wtf?), but it's still a neat language and pretty easy to *snip*


Good Films? [2]

20th November 2009

A few movies that I've watched recently and liked, in no particular order.

Vanilla Sky
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Escapist
The Bourne Series (Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum)


QOTD : Well, I thought it was!

16th November 2009



The ''2Bees'' entries

10th November 2009

The music from planetoids is excellent, JL235.. and the game looks pretty polished!

Nice job everyone.


QOTD : Are we all fucked?

2nd November 2009

[quote] If cars were really killing us off, then they would be banned right now, end of story ![/quote]

Cars kill over 40,000 people every year in the U.S. alone, and we still use them.


Structure of Game Classes

22nd October 2009

MVC always seemed more suitable for applications, not games. I do split up my updating and rendering, but I don't really have a controller in the MVC sense.


Structure of Game Classes

21st October 2009

I have always been terrible at organizing my games, and usually end up becoming frustrated at my inability to design.

That said, I figured I might as well ask and see what people suggest as a good structure for a game. In my current game, a remake of r*snip*


Nobel Peace Prize

9th October 2009

While I'm not sure I would have chosen him for the award, I do think it can be justified. He has done a lot for race relations, peace talks between warring nations, and nuclear disarmament, among other things.

That said, I agree with Shroom that it'd ha*snip*


Fall TV seasons, coming soon...

11th September 2009

Dexter is always good.


QOTD - C++ Graphics Libraries

31st July 2009

Well, perhaps it will start an argument, but it's more a "language X not suited for project Y", rather than "language X is better than language Z." C++ is an industry standard because of legacy code and because, ten years ago, there was nothing better. Thi*snip*


QOTD - C++ Graphics Libraries

30th July 2009

I always thought HGE was great, but in all honesty there's no practical reason to create games in C++. No, this isn't a "use this language instead" post, but just the truth. The language simply wasn't meant for a lone user to make a game with.


QOTD : Whilst playing...

13th July 2009

Quite often I find myself wondering how to program certain menus or GUI elements -- cool health gadgets, gun icons, equip screens, etc.. Pretty much every AAA game has at least one cool widget.

I love a good graphical interface.


Google Chrome OS

8th July 2009

About 30 million people use Google Chrome already. I'd say that's "catching on."


QOTD : What have you done, this week?

29th June 2009

Learned Ruby on Rails, or at least the basics, for work.

Purchased NolanDC.com, although there's no content yet. I'm not really sure where I want to take it yet. Any ideas?

Finished two books. Please read something by David Foster Wallace if you lik*snip*


The Wednesday Workshops

28th June 2009

A week just isn't enough for me, either. And prizes would provide much motivation.


QOTD : Future Plans?

14th May 2009

Hey, I'll go second.

I will be attending Carnegie Mellon University to study Mechanical Engineering with the end goal of getting involved in robotics.

I'd like to teach at the university level someday, but obviously that's speculation and will proba*snip*


Happy Easter

11th April 2009

I have a rather large family, with a mix of everyone: atheists, Protestants, Catholics, etc.. makes for an interesting Easter!

I'm not religious but I do enjoy the holiday.


New game console anyone ?

5th April 2009

This is just a re-branded computer. End of story.

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