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Line of sight - rays from player to area tile positions.

17th October 2020


// Line of sight or raycasting.

// The method I used is by taking an area around the player. In this area each tile is indexed. Than
// a invisible bullet is shot from the player position *snip*


Looping Track Generation

17th October 2020

You know what's a pain in the arse?
Generating a looping track, that loops properly, and doesn't break.
Always trying to get the start and end points to join up is SUCH an annoying thing to code.

Yesterday whilst playing Mario Kart Live, I (fo*snip*


Expanded Grid Pathfinding

2nd January 2018

I'm sure there's a better name for this, which probably already exists, but this is a method that I've evolved since doing Army of Flags, and it seems to be working well for me and my enemies!

Thought I'd share.



Cookie Information

11th June 2017

[h1]Obligatory Cookie Warning[/h1]

SoCoder uses minimal cookies, but some people think it's important to disclose this, so I figured I should explain them properly...
The cookies used are as follows.

A single cookie is used to remember whether y*snip*


Advanced BBCode

18th October 2013

Enhance your post using special BBCode.


Maths 101 - Episode 5: Line Intersection

3rd October 2013

How to detect line intersections with vector maths!


Maths 101 - Episode 4: Linear Transformations

21st September 2013

Stretch, Shear and Rotate - you can do these to sheep; now learn how to do them to vectors!


Maths 101 - Episode 3: Matrices

20th September 2013

What are matrices, and what can we do to them?


Maths 101 - Episode 2: Vectors

19th September 2013

In this article, we'll look at vectors and some things you can do with them.


Maths 101 - Episode 1: Basic Trigonometry

18th September 2013

A coding oriented introduction to trigonometry.


Maths 101 - Episode 0: Degrees and Radians

18th September 2013

An introduction to a series of maths articles, starting with an overview of degrees and radians


Using GLFW with libdispatch on OS X

18th February 2013

How to properly use GLFW with libdispatch on OS X


Scripting installers with NSIS

3rd April 2012

Learning the NSIS-script language


Concurrency in C#

18th February 2012

Why concurrency in C# is awesome!


Patching for MMOs: A general approach

13th February 2012

Description of a general approach to patching clients


Obstacks for low memory and high performance

21st January 2012

[b][i]This article applies to C. In garbage collected languages, this is probably what NOT to do[/i][/b]

When implementing a low-level data structure, e.g. linked list, hashmaps, it's common that individual elements are less than the smallest size mallo*snip*


Hilbert in Blitz

18th October 2010

[url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilbert_curve]Hilbert Curve[/url]

Never heard of these before Spinal mentioned them yesterday. They're kinda neat!

Since I'm procrastinating, and trying not to finish my first AGameAWeek game of the year, I figured*snip*


DNS and Hosting - Part 1

18th October 2010

A quick and dirty guide to hosting and DNS


Jay creates ''Some Game''

14th October 2010

The random creation of a random game.


How to write a readable program in C

11th October 2010

A 'follow by example' tutorial


Quick Floor Tiles

1st September 2010

A super quick method to give your basic floor tiles a little more depth.


A Pong for All Systems

11th May 2010

I've had this idea in mind for AGES, but haven't ever gotten around to it.

Since everyone seems to be in a helpful mood lately, here's your chance to help out with something.


A Pong for All Systems is an effort to make the same game of pong, *snip*


DOS Assembly Introduction

18th February 2010

A basic introduction in DOS assembly


Storing Signed Integers

6th January 2010

An Explanation of 2's Complement


Quick Grassy Platforms

18th November 2009

A super quick method to give your platforms a little more depth.

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