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Created : 04 March 2009
Edited : 15 February 2012
System : Windows
Language : C/C++

Afr0Messenger 2

The IM with a 'fro!

Afr0Messenger 1.5.8.rar
This project is no longer under development! Go here to get to the latest version of Afr0 Messenger!

Afr0Messenger is SoCoder's only IM project, and has been rebuilt from scratch to support MSNP11. This time it is more faster, reliable, secure and smaller than ever before!
The showcase is named Afr0Messenger 2 because that's the targeted final build for this release, although it starts out at version 1.5.
This new release is intended to eventually support at least GoogleTalk and AIM - possibly more protocols as well.

Now supports UPnP for people behind routers!

Latest Update


First release. Supports output to the login window so the user can see where the program is at in the login process, and fully supports the login process up to downloading the contacts. Doesn't download presence information as of yet.
Outputs 'ListCache.dat', 'SYNCache.dat' and 'Settings.dat' so you can see what was downloaded.


Second release. Presence now works, including the small icons in your contactlist that shows whether a contact is online, busy, away or offline. Also, as per the MSNP11 protocol, personal messages have now been added!
Also, the sourcecode has been released as of this version. This is mainly for two reasons;
Firstly, I'm not ashamed of this version of the source since it's not just a big hack anymore.
Secondly, people can now get a chance to see for themselves that Afr0 Messenger is safe to use.
Sourcecode can be downloaded from here.


Third release. Presence has been revamped - now works for all contacts at all times.
Network infrastructure has been rewritten from the ground-up, and the source now contains a socket library that is specifically designed to support any and all versions of the MSNP protocol (not including SOAP parts of newer versions of the protocol).
List synchronization also works now, so you don't have to delete your initial account-folder to log on again.
Sourcecode now also includes the source to 'Passport 3.0 Authenticator', a testbed I built to test the new network infrastructure. It was built to support the new method of authentication, called Passport, in case Microsoft ever removes Tweener authentication. It also has beginning support for fetching your contactlists using MSNP13, which will eventually be put into Afr0Messenger.


Fourth release. Added support for UPnP. All users behind routers should now be able to use Afr0Messenger!
Tested Afr0Messenger in Compatibility mode for Vista under Windows 7. Seems to work for my account, but not for my brother's.
Added parsing of the NLN command. Contacts will now have their presence changed in realtime (allthough there is no sound to inform of this as of yet).
Added partial support for Tray icon. Doesn't open the contactlist window when you click on the window yet, for some reason.


Fifth release. Fixed a number of threading issues, lowered the maximum threadcount and semi-finalized tray icon support. The tray icon now works as it's supposed to, but will crash the application if you click on it before you have logged in. Also added support for initial email notification messages, but didn't get a chance to test this particular feature (it seems the official client caches the value, which is why it *always* shows you the number of unread emails you have (the server only sends you an initial email notification message when you've received a new one since the last time you logged on)).
Uploaded new version of the source archive.



Monday, 09 March 2009, 14:46

TweenerAuthenticator.cs for those who are interested. Notice the https:// in the host addresses.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009, 15:45
New release.
Major changes to the sourcecode, and overall stability and speed of the program.
Thursday, 19 March 2009, 15:22
New release (1.5.7).
Check updatelog for details.

@Stealth: Could you test on Win7 under compatibility for Vista, please? :]
Friday, 20 March 2009, 17:08
New release (1.5.8).
Check updatelog for details.