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Created : 13 August 2007
Edited : 15 August 2007
System : Windows
Language : Blitz

Wave Mate + Construction Kit

Create waveforms using either mouse or code.

Wave Mate.zip
Wave Mate Construction Kit.zip
Wave Mate comes in 2 flavors:
- Wave Mate (stand-alone application)
- Wave Mate Construction Kit (requires any version of BlitzBasic)

Wave Mate (stand-alone)
Construct a waveform by easily changing points and lines.
Use your keyboard as a piano to instantly hear what it sounds like.
Each waveform is exported to WAV file so you can use it anywhere.
The download package contains a Windows executable and an instruction manual (if needed).

Wave Mate Construction Kit
Use BlitzBasic code to create complicated waveforms (in any way you want).
Again you can use your keyboard as a piano to hear what it sounds like.
And each waveform is exported to WAV file so you can use it anywhere.
Blitz versions supported are Blitz2D (even the demo), BlitzPlus and Blitz3D.
The download package includes:
- Wave Mate Construction Kit system.
- Instruction guidelines (dutch & english).
- Code guidelines.
- Example programs and template.



Monday, 13 August 2007, 10:39
I've downloaded Wave Mate fine, however the Construction Kit link is broken.

As for Wave Mate itself, it runs at 1FPS for me. I believe this is because you are using graphics mode 3, where it stretches to fit. Mode 2 or 0/1 would be better.
Monday, 13 August 2007, 12:21
This looks like It could be fun to play around with. I'll have a bash in a bit.
Monday, 13 August 2007, 14:18
Works fine on my machine. It's really fun too.
Wednesday, 15 August 2007, 08:30
Link is fixed now

Shroom_Monk: Yes, you're right!
However, I think the stretching itself isn't causing the lag.
Old(er) systems don't like large resolutions, or resolutions that are strange

So, I've added 3 command line options:
- full or fullscreen
- window or windowed
- scaled or scaledwindow (default)
If you're having speed problems or can't get the program running, try adding 'full' or 'fullscreen' behind the name in a shortcut to the executable as parameter.

I've tested this on a Pentium III 600MHz with a 3D-accelerated 4MB Viper V330 video card and it runs at 15 FPS minimum, which for me, is acceptable.
If you do not agree, let me know

Unfortunately, the Construction Kit also has the same problem,
so I've added instructions for altering this in the accompanying ReadMe file (it's simply changing 1 variable).

As you can guess, while writing these program, I didn't think about making them run on a system from 10 years ago (~1998) (most of my other programs do, though!)

|edit| The new versions are already uploaded |edit|