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Created : 09 October 2007
Edited : 11 October 2007
System : Windows
Language : Blitz

{WIP} FPS Alpha Demo

Alpha demo for a coming FPS game.

I've been working on a FPS right now we got no name but were working on that! Razz

Story First Draft:
Your part of a special ops team who has the latest in unique body armor. It's a advanced suit that lets you run faster be stronger blah blah blah all that good stuff. Anyways you and your team you and 3 other guys are headed to a top secret research island which the government has lost contact with. The worst is assumed and the nuclear bomb inside the place which was to be remotely activated blowing it all away... but something went wrong. The bomb had been deactivated your mission is to activate the bomb and you and your team is to get out before it blows up.. As you land on the beach everything goes horrible wrong your team gets attacked by a group of mercenaries who have taken over the island. In short your team is dead and your the only one who is left. You find out that the government was doing portal research here so they could move stuff around faster. They were making great head way till an unknown group of mercenaries invade the island and take over. Wanting the portal technology for themselfs they use it. In the process of them using it wrong they open a portal to another world and aliens swarm in thinking there being attacked... So now it's up to you to fight mercenaries and aliens and activate the bomb saving the world..

Completed Features:
-Own map format
-Realtime Shadows
-Dynamic 3D Clouds
-Dynamic Grass
-Supports older computers
-Loading screen for levels

Features to be added:
-Better Story
-Console (Maybe some secret cheats as well)
-Map Editor
-User Ideas

The public alpha is here!

This version has Realtime Shadows and all sorts of neat features:

Also the field of view is fixed along with the speed that the player moves.

Minimum system requirements:
CPU: 700 MHZ or above
Memory: 256 MB or higher
GFX card with at least 8MB memory
20 MB of free harddrive space

To view at full quality:
CPU: 2.6GHZ or above
Memory:512 MB or above
GFX card with at least 128 MB of memory or more
20 MB of free harddrive space

Mouse to move the view...
D=strafe right
A=strafe left
Shift=Move Faster
F1=view/hide framerate and stats

Note in the next release I'll make it so you can map your own keys!

A Public beta will be release around Christmas time! Very Happy The website has more info please check it out and signup for the forums!